USAF Project 1794 Flying Saucer Plans

October 7th, 2012

These are cutaway sketches of a 1950s design proposal for the USAF’s Project 1794. The purpose of this project was to build a supersonic flying saucer. According to documents alongside the project, the saucer was supposed to reach a top speed of “between Mach 3 and Mach 4, a ceiling of over 100,000 ft. and a maximum range with allowances of about 1,000 nautical miles”.

The cost of building the prototype was estimated at $3,168,000, but the military pulled the plug in 1960 after the saucer was unable to meet desired expectations.

Via Wired

Inside Fruits and vegetables during an MRI

October 5th, 2012

Andy Ellison of Boston University Medical School has revealed what fruits and vegetables look like inside of an MRI. The MRI scans were turned into animated gifs which show just how strange the insides look. You can check out more of the gifs on his blog, Inside Insides. Via Colossal


Vintage Space Shuttle Illustrations

September 30th, 2012

The San Diego Air and Space Museum’s archive has more than two million images of aircraft, aerospace personalities, events, equipment, and historical places important to aviation. The images above are only a few of the wonderful vintage illustrations that were buried deep in the archive.

Found via Gray

Vintage Apple Catalog from 1983

September 25th, 2012

Apple was up to some cool stuff in the 80s. We’ve seen evidence of it before with Apple’s 1986 clothing line and with this Apple gift catalog from 1983. The logo made it on a range of products including race cars, kites and carpets.

More images from the catalog on Mac Spoilers.

Twitter GUI Photoshop PSD Template

September 24th, 2012

Twitter just rolled out a new profile design that allows you to add your own header banner. However, it’s hard to tell what looks best without fidgeting with it. To make it easier on you, I’ve updated my Twitter PSD Photoshop template to the new design.

The profile images in the template utilize smart objects to make it easier to update all of the images in the template at once. The name/username’s in the tweets also utilize smart objects. Double-click to edit, then edit the contents and it will update all of the smart objects synced with it.

This template was built closely to Twitter’s current layout as of September 20th, 2012. Download the template below. Please share the PSD with others.

You should Follow @ShelbyWhite on Twitter. Enjoy!

Twitter UI Photoshop PSD (2.5 MB) | Version 1.0 Last updated on September 23th, 2012

Download File

Amazing Photos from BBC Astronomy Photographer of the Year

September 23rd, 2012

BBC’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year for 2012 has come to end. Here are a few of several amazing images. The best images are on show at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, London, until 5 February 2013. Admission free.

View all of the photos on BBC.

Vintage Plastic Swiss Bags

September 19th, 2012

Stumbled upon these vintage plastic bags that were designed in Switzerland. Wish I had more information on these… Check out more Swiss related design here.

Sculptures made from Plant Vegetation

September 17th, 2012

Vegetal Identity is a Paris based company that produces typographic sculptures using plants. Literally they’re creating “greener” identities. Check out more of their work on their website.

44 Belvedere Residence in Ontario, Canada

September 6th, 2012

Guido Constantino designed this modern residence in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Though there isn’t much about this home, it does appear to be very large. The home is accompanied by a backyard pool illuminated by foot-level lamps.

Found via Contemporist / Photos by Peter Sellar.


Cheetah and Tiger Sculptures made from Wire Coathangers

August 31st, 2012

David Mach is a master sculptor. We’ve seen his work before with his matchstick sculptures, which were amazing. David created two new sculptures: one of a cheetah and another of a tiger using thousands of wire hangers. Who knew wire hangers had so much potential.

Shared via Colossal.

John Lautner’s Arthur Elrod House in Palm Springs

August 27th, 2012

John Lautner is one of my favorite architects, ever. The Arthur Elrod home was designed by Lautner in 1969 and it went up for sale in 2009 for $13,890,000. It’s a five-bedroom, five and a half bath home on a 6.5 acre plot of land. The living room is 60 feet long covered by a concrete dome. The entire north end of the living room opens up to the outside. To top it all off, the home was featured in the James Bond movie, Diamonds Are Forever.

Check out many more photos on Dave Stuka’s Flickr.


Wes Sumner Photography

August 26th, 2012

Wes Sumner is a San Francisco based photographer who has shot with a range of clients including Columbia Records, Converse, Atlanta Magazine, Kennedy Space Center, Sony Records and multiple universities. What I enjoy most about these photos is that they have a really interesting, surreal feeling to them.

Check out more of Wes’s work on his Tumblr.

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