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Aizone Typographic Body Painting Campaign

December 19th, 2011

YouTube Preview ImageAizone, a luxury department store in the Middle East hired Sagmeister Inc. to establish their Fall / Winter advertising campaign. Models were painted from head to toe in typographic sentences by Anastasia Durasova. Art direction & design by Jessica Walsh.

Retirement Facility Hottingen Signage

November 29th, 2011

Designers Aline Dallo, Julia Kind, Kathrin Urban and Tina Stäheli worked together to create this signage project for a retirement home in Hottingen, Zurich. The signage system consists of a series of frames that can be ordered in various ways. The combination of color and large type really sells this as a welcoming solution for this project.


EF Language videos: Sydney + Vancouver + Los Angeles

September 12th, 2011

Albin Holmqvist, Gustav Johansson and Niklas Johansson are really killing it with these new EF Live the Language videos for EF International Language Centers. If you saw the first few, you’ll notice that they’ve really gone above and beyond with this new set. The new locations include Sydney, Australia; Vancouver, Canada; and Los Angeles, California.

Stay tuned in the coming week for an exclusive post with these guys!

Directed by Gustav Johansson
D.O.P: Niklas Johansson
Typography: Albin Holmqvist

Music: Magnus Lidehäll
VFX: Goodmotion

More Perfect Typography

February 16th, 2011

Build is a small design conference where interesting, talented web practitioners from around the world come to share ideas, techniques and inspiration. Tim Brown was one of these practitioners to speak about perfecting typography. Tim is the Type Manager for Typekit—an easy to use font replacement tool.

In this talk, Tim talks about the experience of setting type, things to look for, and other various ways to perfect your type. He also presents tools to use that will ultimately better your web typography. One of which is a modular scale that provides harmonious ratios of font-sizing in css. Tim was kind enough to put his scale online at where you can choose between three different methods of scaling: the Golden Section, Musical Fifth and Musical Fourth.

At about 20 minutes in, Tim will explain how he chooses his font-family and his comfortable font-size, then chooses a column width from the scale. This is a strong point from this talk, however I believe the best and most important part is this:

We don’t have to remain strict to certain layouts just for the sake of filling them.

Via Swiss Miss

Work from Matthijs van Leeuwen

January 28th, 2011

It has been an absolute pleasure sifting through portfolio after portfolio when giving out invitations to Designspiration because I know eventually I’ll stumble across gems like here. These two projects were by Matthijs van Leeuwen; they stood out immediately because of the nicely set bold type. The first project here was a book design for those who attended the Dutch Democratic Party D66 brainstorm-dinners. I’m unsure of exactly what D66 is, but I’d definitely snatch up this piece if it were given out.

Hit the jump to check out a second project: an annual report for Brunel in 2008. Once again an interesting treatment of the type across the spread.


Helvetica: What its all about

November 8th, 2010

Seeing great typography in motion is always impressive. I’ve posted about it in the past, but this one created by Evan Shuster takes the cake. I’ve transcribed the words from the video down below.

The design of Die Neue Haas Grotesk or Helvetica. What it’s all about is the interrelationship of the negative shape, the figure ground relationship, the shapes between characters & within characters so that the counters & the space between characters just hoooooooold the letters. It’s a letter that lives in a powerful matrix of surrounding space. It’s…oh, its brilliant when it’s done well.

Videos via Monomoda. Hit the jump to watch more.


Mid Century Corporate Design

September 24th, 2010

Various mid-century corporate annual covers. These were from the 1960s. The first is by far my favorite and was done by Erik Pelt for the Graphis annual. The typography is really something else.

Via Aqua Velvet

Public Gothic Family

July 22nd, 2010

Antrepo has released their newest font called Public Gothic Family. What better way to promote it than to have such beautiful graphics showcasing their look and feel. Based on these few graphics I really would love to get my hands on this family. It can be purchased from Antrepo’s shop.

You can see the full character maps here: Character sheet 1 & Character sheet 2.