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Boise Photographers

May 31st, 2007

A couple of weekends ago I was in Boise, Idaho shooting photos for the Clearwater Tribune as well as for the Orofino Track team. Being that I am proud Canon and Apple owner, I love to see other photographers equipment. I’ve taken a few photos of the cameras slung over shoulders and lenses being used. There was quite a few photographers shooting Nikon D2 bodies, but the majority were shooting with two or more Canon 1D Mark II or 1D Mark II N bodies.




On the second day I did walk into the press/media room to check it out and see if there was any food. I didn’t find any food nor did I see many Apple laptops. There was one college student that was reporting that was typing away on his Macbook. Most of the photographers were on PC notebooks.

I’ve been in the need for more ram in my Macpro. I asked Dave Kugler where he bought his ram and he mentioned OWC. The ram arrived quickly and worked great.

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