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Bumbershoot Music Festival + Tycho

September 5th, 2011

Had a great time in Seattle for the Tycho show at Bumbershoot this weekend. Pictures will be following this week, but for now here are two snaps from Instagram. Enjoy!

EF Language School Commercials

February 16th, 2011

The typography of these two commercials is great. It was done by Albin Holmqvist while Gustav Johansson directed. Both the type and the quality of the video itself makes me want to go there. If anyone is curious, I believe these commercials were shot with a Canon 5d Mark II.

Other credits:
D.P: Niklas Johansson
Music: Magnus Lidehäll
Produced at Camp David

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year

December 24th, 2009

I appreciate all of the support this year. I’m looking forward to next year and what we can make happen. Remember to sign up for the bloglist in case you missed it last month. Once again thank you for all of your support this year and have a happy holiday.

Idaho for the Weekend

September 29th, 2008

This past weekend I’ve been in Portland and in Idaho visiting family and taking leaps at learning new things. I’ve also been spending more time on Twitter lately. If you’re on Twitter, make sure to follow my feed as I’ll be twittering new blog posts and updates.

Here are a handful of photos taken during the trip.

Driving from Portland to Idaho

Large planet glowing - Idaho » CONTINUE READING THIS POST

Marcus Eaton Trio

August 30th, 2008

Marcus Eaton Trio
Marcus Eaton Trio
Marcus Eaton Trio
Marcus Eaton Trio
Marcus Eaton Trio
Marcus Eaton Trio

YouTube Preview ImageThe Marcus Eaton Trio is comprised of three members. A bassist–James, guitar & singer–Marcus, and a percussionist–Kevin. Each of them have amazing talent and as a band are putting out great music. I was first introduced to the music about a year ago by Dave. Dave and I worked together to get some shots for the band and since then I’ve been helping the band out. It’s great to get a chance to be part of something that I really enjoy listening to. Check out these older posts on Dave’s blog: Marcus Eaton Trio, Trio Promo and Published Premier Guitar.

The show was at The Gorge and Marcus played before Dave Matthews went on stage. Once again, great performance by the band. They were joined part way through by DM member, Tim Reynolds.

Search & Ride

August 10th, 2008

You tend to not realize how large a city is until you can’t find what you’re looking for. These past two weekends a friend and myself have been looking for some bmx trails/jumps that I was told were on Queen Anne. Well needless to say, we didn’t find the trails, but we did stumbled upon quite a few great locations to shoot photos and some interesting vantage points looking over Seattle as well as a more northern look towards the University of Washington.

Lake Union Seattle

This shot has nothing to do with the search except for the fact that you can see just how large Queen Anne is. Check out the Map print out below.

Seattle Searching

The darkened area is the area that we covered twice. The area where the lines are drawn is the area that we only passed through. If anyone knows the whereabouts of these so-called trails, please leave a comment or send me an email.

June 28th: A Nice Day

July 1st, 2008

Kerry Park on Queen Anne in Seattle, Washington

So today is not the 28th but rather the first of July. In hopes to improve my blogging, I will post everyday that I’m here in Idaho. To start it off above is a photo taken around 9:05PM, Saturday along with a short timeline of my travel. View it at its largest size if you want to get the full effect. The light was amazing at 9:05PM. The shot is a 17-image-panorama shot at 200mm up on Queen Anne hill at Kerry Park.

10:25 PM, Saturday
Decided to head to Idaho for a few days for fun. Started packing and grabbed a quick bite to eat before I left.

11:14 PM, Saturday
Already heading out of Seattle via I-5 on my way to Idaho. This is starting to look like the UPS tracking system minus the part where it says your package is going to be delayed—always happens to me.

4:15 AM, Sunday
Coming into Spokane and seeing a beautiful sunrise. I’m still half asleep and not willing to bring out the camera. Not to mention is just one of those days where there isn’t much to shoot.

8:55 AM, Sunday
Just arrived in Lewiston, Idaho. Heading homeward via metal on wheels.

12:01 PM, Sunday
Keeping it cool. Staying out of the heat and eating for 10.

4:25 PM, Sunday
If you’re asking yourself what happened between between 12:01 and 4:25, the answer is I had a nap. After that, we went down the road to a neighbors house for a barbecue. Great time and great food Idaho style!

7:30 PM, Monday
It’s Monday evening and I’m enjoying a relaxing evening with watermelon and intriguing clouds overhead.

idaho trip

idaho trip

idaho trip

idaho trip

idaho trip

idaho trip

idaho trip

idaho trip

idaho trip

idaho trip

idaho trip

idaho trip

idaho trip

Salt Lake City Pt. 2 – Fashion & Skate

June 12th, 2008

This is a follow up to the first Salt Lake post located here. The last two days in Salt Lake City were great for shooting photos. The light was excellent and had great weather to boot. I had two fun friends that modeled as well as another friend that skated so we could get some shots. All around, Salt Lake City was a fun time and will be heading back as soon as I can. Here are my top picks from the last two days in Salt Lake.

Bowl Fun


Nicole Fashion

Salt Lake Skate - Crook

Salt Lake Skate

Salt Lake Skate - Lipslide

Salt Lake Skate - Crook

Salt Lake City Part 1: Deathcab + Tegan and Sara

May 26th, 2008

It’s Monday, May 26th and we just got back from a great concert. The show consisted of two amazing bands Death Cab for Cutie and Tegan & Sara. Both were very good live but were rushed by the Provo 10 P.M. curfew. One of the bands was not able to play due to technical difficulties that left us in waiting for a little over two hours. It was definitely worth the wait though.

Here are a snapshots from a friends camera of Death Cab from the concert. I also included a couple strobist photos from the same night.

Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie


Pictured is Ian Wade.


Pictured is Ian Wade.

Sleep Creatively

February 22nd, 2008

These last two weeks have been spent trying to recover from two wrecks on the bicycle and getting well from what might have been the flu. I spent some of that time going looking at apartments and reading articles. I was skimming through Digg yesterday and couldn’t help but notice a series of links about inspiring things. This particular one was about the worlds most inspiring and creative hotel rooms. I would love to stay in one of those and have dreams. I think I’d be having creative nightmares.

Room Hotel

Cool Room Design

Lookout Pass

January 3rd, 2008

Here are some photos from an adventurous trip that Ian Matteson and myself made up to Lookout pass on the 23rd. Ian drove up from SLC to go board and visit family in Montana. When we got up to Lookout, it was snowing and had built up at least 2 feet of fresh powder. A lot of the runs were tracked up but most were fairly soft.

Weekly Re-Cap and Photo blogging.

June 13th, 2007

The annual Carson Ianson Memorial Snowboard Jam went down last Friday and Saturday. We had plenty of video and photo coverage throughout the day. Mark Oliver and myself were shooting photos as well as doing some filming (I will post a few photos below this). My brother Eyler lent me his Super 8 Film camera. I’ve always wanted to film with it so this was my chance.

I purchased two rolls of film from B&H Photo and Video to start off. Each roll is two and a half minutes and 50 feet in length. I also had a Sony VX2000 3CCD video camera to shoot with as well. The bad news was that I’d been shooting all day long with this camera to find out later, that none of the footage had even recorded. Apparently this happens when the video heads are dirty and need to be serviced. I’m still bummed about the situation but I do still have the Super 8 footage to get processed. All in all the trip was great and I know the other videographers did get footage.



IMG_2348 - Version 3

IMG_2279 - Version 3


On another note, I just took a look at some of the entries for this weeks photo contest and there are two photos that pop out. Both are worth viewing so check them out at Our Weekly Photo Contest.

Here are some photos from a hike I took with some friends and my brother when they were over visiting. The water fall was 380ft tall (I didn’t have the wide angle to get the whole drop in the picture). I also attached a photo of a bird that wouldn’t fly. The cat had gotten a hold of it and had to make the it release the bird.




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