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Winter in Idaho

December 31st, 2009

Every winter in Idaho is different. Some winters you see lots of snow and some you don’t see more than a few inches. Going into the trip I had envisioned another great black & white series like last years Winter in Black & White but instead here are an eclectic group of color photos from the trip.

Canon Announces EOS 1D Mark IV

October 19th, 2009

The EOS-1D Mark IV is a high-speed performance beast with a 16-megapixel sensor, and Dual DIGIC 4 Processors. The camear shoots at 10 frames per second and is the second camera ever to have ISO expandable to 102400. This new camera also features 1080p HD video at selectable frame rates.

This has been the strangest release in Canon’s history. We–and I’m going to speak for a lot of photographers here when I say this–have been waiting and waiting for Canon to step up the 1d series and tonight they’ve done just that. The Canon 1D Mark IV is the newest and hottest camera on the market.

Do you want it or would you buy it?

Canon 1D Mark IV Key Features

* 16-megapixel APS-H (1.3x crop factor) CMOS sensor (4896 x 3264 pixels)
* Sensitivity range: ISO 100 to 12,800, expandable to ISO 50 and ISO 102,400
* Updated auto focus system with 39 cross-type sensors
* New, AI Servo II predictive auto focus
* 10 frames per second full resolution RAW
* Flash sync: 1/300th second
* HD video: 1080p at 30, 24, and 25 frames per second – 720p at 60 frames per second
* Manual video exposure control
* Optional stereo sound with microphone line-in
* Dual DIGIC 4 Image Processors
* 14-bit analogue to digital conversion
* Three RAW modes (16, 9 and 4 megapixels)
* 3-inch, 920k Clear View II LCD display
* “Completely weather-resistant”
* Rugged, magnesium alloy chassis
* 100% coverage optical viewfinder
* 300,000-cycle shutter

Canon 1D Mark IV Availability


The 1D Mark IV is scheduled to be available in late December. It’s gonna cost you your next three paychecks–the body is expected to be $4999.00. That’s up about $500 compared to the 1D Mark III price. But you have to expect that when you’re getting that much cameraz-a full HD video capable camera, and a super fast, pro dslr.

Check out these truly amazing samples from over at Vincent Laforet’s blog. He has been testing the camera for some time now.

Flame war debate: Canon Unveils EOS 7D

September 1st, 2009

We wait and wait all year for the camera companies to release new cameras so we can desire the biggest and baddest. Just this morning Canon announced their new addition to the high-end camera line, the EOS 7d. Now, before we get into it here, lets list the facts/specs about the camera:

• 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor
• 1.6x Crop
• 8 frames per second continuous shooting
• 1080p HD video recording with manual controls
• 3.0 inch Clear View II LCD screen with 920,000 dots
• 19-point AF system (all cross-type)
• 1.0x magnification and 100% coverage viewfinder
• Wireless flash control
• Environmental sealing
• $1699 price tag (body only)

Read the full review here.

Now, what do you think.

Is this a camera that is fully worthy of a release at this point? Do you believe that Canon should have spent their time releasing or designing something else? If so, what and why?

Note: I’ve started the debate by this comment earlier this morning.

Creativity and Finding Interesting

August 31st, 2009

shelby white photograph
For the last year I’ve been trying to define my style–not the style of my hair, although that may need work–but the style of the images that I create by rethinking how I make them. Rather than hopscotching over to the DSLR to get super clean, high-res images, I’m utilizing a much cheaper camera, the iPhone. Ultimately I’m dumping all of my resolution and settings.

The sacrifice is worth it for one reason:

When limited, you’re forced to be creative. In a search to find my style, the smaller camera makes me rethink what I’m shooting. The limitation empowers me with the requirement of creativity. The evidence is in the top left photo.

What do you see?

It is a normal light; the inner bulb and reflector. What I instinctively saw for a light, looked to me more like a skeleton. This is a prime example of finding interesting (taking ordinary things and turning them into interesting images). The next time you take a photo (if other than the family thanksgiving photo) try to find interesting for yourself. It will lead you on a daily hunt to create new photographs. Hit the jump and try to guess what each of the four images actually are.


Photos in Review Part II

August 10th, 2009

One of the most interesting, entertaining and helpful things for myself (and others) is to sit back and review work that I’ve (you’ve) done. Whether its a year old or 15 minutes fresh out of the camera–it doesn’t matter–it still deserves a second look. A few months ago I posted a review on a few images that weren’t instant favorites when I first saw them, but after a second and third time visiting them, I began to see different things that I liked about them. The review was a success, so much in fact, that I plan to use one of those images in my upcoming portfolio.

The different thoughts that friends and fellow photographers said about those first round images, had me thinking about continually revisiting old photos that at first weren’t “bangers”. I strongly suggest you try the same but for now, lets start these four photos on their review. Here are two very simple questions that I have for you and if you will, post a message down below answering in short:

Which image is your favorite and why?

Which image is your least favorite and why?

Shelby White Wanken Photo Review

Image 1

Shelby White Wanken Photo Review

Image 2

Shelby White Wanken Photo Review

Image 3

Shelby White Wanken Photo Review

Image 4

Fourth of July: Typical Vs. Not so typical

July 6th, 2009

In our lifetimes, we’ve been presented with fireworks and a joyous occasion of celebration during the Fourth of July. This has been the tradition for years. In the essence of capturing the moment and beauty of fireworks, I believe some moments are not being taken advantage of which ties us into the traditionally-typical firework photos vs the not so typical firework photos. The moments captured by many vs. the moments captured by few.

Every year around this time we see a slew of firework photographs being pushed online that look the same. We may see a few purple cows in the bunch (outstanding or remarkably interesting photos are purple cows) but the majority look very typical. As a stretch to find creativity, I changed the way I shot the fireworks this year in hopes to take not so typical photographs (last years typical photos).

Where do YOU draw the line with Typical vs Not So Typical?

I’ve opted to only post two photos. The first is a panorama of South Lake Union in Seattle looking towards Gasworks Park. The photo was taken from exactly here.

fourth of july

The second photo is quite different than I’ve seen the Fourth of July portrayed. I’m going to leave it up to you to decide which one fits the holiday the best and which set, last years or this years, wins the Not So Typical award.

fourth of july

Did you shoot this year? Feel free to link to your Firework images in the comments. For anyone wanting to know settings/meta info, look here.

UPDATE: Here is a link to some great not-so-typical firework photos from Getty/AP photographers.

Ten Cameras Every Photographer Wish They Had

June 15th, 2009

If you’re a photographer, then chances are you’re wishing you had a new camera to play with. Yeah sure, your current one is just fine, but you want the next camera with that sleek new special gadget.

I think I may have found ten cameras that will solve your wants forever. Sure they are a little strange, but these cameras will produce such interesting results that you can’t go wrong. The only problem is that they’re limited in quantity, so getting your hands on them will be tough.

Continue reading to reveal the list.


SanDisk in Style for Once

March 9th, 2009

For the years I’ve been into photography, I’ve never seen a card reader with a great design. I believe that SanDisk has hit on something here with their new multicard readers. The design is more modern than the previous and has a high fashion look to it. Personally I haven’t seen the new card readers, and I’m slightly concerned about the functionality and sturdiness of them. Does anyone have any information on these? What do you think about them and would you make the upgrade?

Portfolio Update + Review

January 30th, 2009

shelby white photo

Image #1

shelby white photo

Image #2

shelby white photo

Image #3

shelby white photo

Image #4

As most of you know and can see, both the portfolio and blog are in the stage of updating and expansion––the full revamp is right around the corner. If you want to keep up on the progress and daily iPhone snaps, follow me on twitter. With the site updates will be a series of new images for the portfolio. I’d like to get feedback from you about these photos. Here are the two simple questions that I have for you. If you will, post a short message down below answering in short, these two questions:

Which image is your favorite?

Which image is your least favorite and why?

I enjoy all sorts of feedback so feel free to leave your full opinion or suggestions as well. Your different views on the photos will help decide whether or not to include these in my new portfolio. Having said that, lets get to voting. Each image is marked with a number that you can reference via the comments.

UPDATE: As you can see there are have been changes to the blog—features added such as Follow on Twitter links, Twitter updates, Feedburner links and Excerpt Links. Make sure to click Continue Reading on posts so you can see more photos and text.

Winter in Black & White

January 7th, 2009

In the spirit of the new year I’d like to post a series of black and white photos taken over the holidays in both Seattle and Northern Idaho. Check out more b&w photos from the trip here.

Arcade Magazine

December 19th, 2008

Arcade is an architecture, design, and photo magazine with some really great pictures. I picked up a few of the magazines because the December issue has a half page Glazers ad that uses one of my images. It was shot along Clearwater River by Orofino, Idaho.


Twenty Four + Frame

November 21st, 2008

As promised a few months ago, I’ve mounted my picture frame on the wall and put twenty four, 4 x 6’s in the frame. After spending nearly 5 hours sorting through photos, buying paper and mounting the frame, I decided that I’ve already devoted most of the daylight hours to doing this blog post. It has been a long journey, but I’ve come through.

I’ve posted some shots of the frame in action and filled with fun 4 x 6’s. While looking through Aperture I had a chance to reflect upon images that I haven’t seen in months or actually even years for a few. Here are some of those images and a few that haven’t been shown but will be in my portfolio.


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