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Wthr: Weather App Inspired by Braun

June 25th, 2012

David Elgena created this beautiful Braun/Dieter Rams inspired weather iphone app called Wthr. The app is very nicely done and I’d say it’s definitely worth downloading from the App Store.

iPhone 5 Concept Rumor

June 30th, 2011

Let me start off by saying this is an iPhone 5 concept as of right now and for all we know it could be the real thing coming later this summer. Personally I’m all for it. I really dig the silver back and the phone itself looks slimmer.

The designer of this concept was Michal Bonikowski. His predictions that dictated this design were that the new iPhone 5 will be safe, predictable and not all too far from the design of the current products with the aluminum look: Macbook Pro, iPad, etc.

I’d buy it, but what do you think?

Shared via Yanko

iPhone Leica i9 Camera Case

April 25th, 2011

A dream project for a dream camera. Not only is Black Design Associates connecting to slip an iPhone 4 into a Leica camera body, but they’re taking it to the point of true optical zoom, a dedicated aperture and shutter dials. Awesome.

I’d love to play with this if it comes to fruition. You couldn’t ask for a better stocking stuffer this Christmas… All eyes are on you guys for approval, Apple & Leica.

Via Gizmodo / Black DA

iPhone 5 Rumor Infographic

March 23rd, 2011

Curious about the rumors of the possibly upcoming iPhone 5? This overly large graphic has the speculated updates with their likelihood in percentage below each. Click the image to view larger.

Do you think that any of these features will happen?

Modernize your iPhone 4

October 18th, 2010

Air-brushed aluminum look? Don’t mind if I do! I’ve yet to damage any part of my iPhone 4 (knock on wood), but this cover makes it feel so modern that I had to buy it. For just $12, it makes the phone look sexier than ever. The cover is beveled and and super easy to install. All you have to do is unscrew the two base screws from the bottom of the phone. Of course, this probably voids your warranty.

If you don’t care for the visual beauty of the iPhone, then perhaps you might try one of these instead.

Via Unplggd / Buy here

Leica iPhone

September 2nd, 2010

San-Francisco-based photographer Joey Celis produced a custom sticker for his iPhone, skinning it to look like a Leica M9. He didn’t have intention of getting these made but I could see this as a pretty hot item for hipsters. If you’re interested in making one of these I’ve uploaded large Leica M9 images for the front and back. GelaSkins will print them for you—goodluck.

More photos here. Via Swissmiss

iPhone GUI PSD V4

June 16th, 2010

Updated: This download is for the Retina Display Version.

This version of the template has been completely redesigned from the ground up by Teehan + Lax. The template is based on iOS4 and includes all the elements you need to design proof-of-concepts or production ready assets. Previous versions of this file had issues like blurry edged buttons and incorrect “bevels”, but they have been addressed as best they can using Photoshop’s shape layers and layer styles.

As a note from the TL, if you’re modifying any of the vector elements be sure the shapes are sitting on full pixels or your assets will begin to look blurry. Also the file is still formatted for 480×320 resolution so you may have to wait if you’re designing for iPhone 4’s Retina Display feature.

Download the template here.

Apple Announces the Beautiful New iPhone 4

June 7th, 2010

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The first time I saw the new iPhone via Gizmodo I was very skeptical about the design simply because of the square-ish feel. On top of that I really just wasn’t to accept the change. All of the previous products had these beautiful rounded edges and just felt fluid in your hand. I now see this design as giving the phone more substance. The design to me just feels more modern. I would love to get my hands on this phone and also this house—what a perfect, modern fit.

See the key features.

Hipstamatic App Review Pt 1: The Interface

March 29th, 2010

Hipstamatic on Wanken

Hipstamatic Loading screen: “Wiping off lens, please wait.”

The latest and greatest new iPhone app capturing attention is Hipstamatic. The name is a little corny (apparently the real Hipstamatic was a toy camera back in the 80’s), but the app is nowhere near it. Hipstamatic brings with it a sleek interface and unpredictability, combined with a cross-processed and traditional film looks to each photo you take.

The first thing you notice when opening up this application is that the interface is built around the design of the traditional Holga. I think this is very cool and pretty nicely done compared to other photo apps. On top of the design, the ease of use is great. To change lenses, flashes or film, it just takes the swipe of the finger. Purchasing more of the features is very simple as well, but I guess what app isn’t?

The best part about Hipstamatic is that it’s somewhat unpredictable. Especially when you forget how each lens, film, and flash affect the photo. At first I was surprised at how quickly it processed each photo and then saved it. I came to find out that it was because the photos that it was processing were only 480px or so wide and not the full resolution. There is a feature in the settings that can be turned on to “print” larger, but when turning this on the “developing” time is substantially longer. I was also pleasantly surprised at how closely–in some cases–this app mimicked cross-processed film. Of course it still has some work to do to even get close to cross-processed film.

So far I really haven’t had any issues with Hipstamatic to speak of besides enlarging the viewfinder window. I also noticed that my lens/flash/film combination kept on resetting when the app quit on me, two minor issues to a great iPhone application. Overall it’s worth your dollar ninety-nine, two thumbs up to the creator of Hipstamatic.

Continue reading to see more screen shot images of the interface. You can also see the photos I took for my review of Hipstamatic in part 2 here.

Hipstamatic on Wanken


From the Archive: Iphone & Desktop Background

July 29th, 2009

IPhone backgrounds were all the rage a year ago but I was late and missed the boat for uploading these. It wasn’t until now, that I stumbled across it in last years archives. The graphic was also applied as a desktop background.

Download this background for free in a high quality 1920×1200 png format here.