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Twitter GUI Photoshop PSD Template

September 24th, 2012

Twitter just rolled out a new profile design that allows you to add your own header banner. However, it’s hard to tell what looks best without fidgeting with it. To make it easier on you, I’ve updated my Twitter PSD Photoshop template to the new design.

The profile images in the template utilize smart objects to make it easier to update all of the images in the template at once. The name/username’s in the tweets also utilize smart objects. Double-click to edit, then edit the contents and it will update all of the smart objects synced with it.

This template was built closely to Twitter’s current layout as of September 20th, 2012. Download the template below. Please share the PSD with others.

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Twitter UI Photoshop PSD (2.5 MB) | Version 1.0 Last updated on September 23th, 2012

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Twitter Background UI Photoshop PSD

August 28th, 2011

Updating your Twitter profile live is silly. Change, save, refresh. Change, save, refresh. After searching thoroughly for an alternative to editing live, it was clear that there weren’t any great solutions or intentions by anyone to create a pixel-perfect template for anyone to use. Not to mention, a template that would stay up-to-date as the website evolved.

This PSD includes grouped elements by name respective of their location in the html of The profile images utilize smart objects to ease the pain of changing images. Update the image once and it will proportionally scale the images across the whole PSD.

This template was built closely to Twitter’s current layout as of August 2011. You can download this template below. Please share the PSD with others. Hope this template makes mocking up your profile a lot easier, enjoy!

Version 1.2 PSD update changes:
• Added Twitter’s new “Recent Images” section to sidebar of profile
• Updated alignments of “Similar to you” section

Version 1.1 PSD update changes:
• Profile image uses smart objects: replace once and changes all in psd (Update thanks to Scott Benish)
• Added Verified badge icon to PSD

Twitter UI Photoshop Psd (4.9 MB) | Version 1.2 Last updated on August 28th, 2011

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