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New Designspiration Updates: Infinite Scroll & More

May 5th, 2014

Designspiration is getting many much needed upgrades this month! Many of these features have been previously requested by you. As the updates roll out, I wanted to let you know what has already been released and what is on the way.

Now when browsing on Designspiration you’ll notice continuous scrolling that allows you to view more content, faster. To make sure you don’t lose your place in the page, clicking an image will load the image over the grid instead of loading a new page. Another great aspect to this implementation of continuous scrolling is that if you want to share the page with a friend via your browser’s address bar, you can copy the link directly to this page.

When logging in to your profile one of the first things you’ll notice is that the default feed showing is compiled from people who you follow. While this has already existed on the site, utilizing this feed as your home feed will ensure you see content you’re interested in. The key to making this feed great is following people saving great collections of things. You can find those collections here:

Sometimes you need to prevent search engines from listing your page in their search results. Now you can do this! To enable the feature, visit your settings page after logging in.

New features:

• Continuous scrolling (infinite scrolling)
• Inline image viewing
• Hide your profile from search engines
• Deactivate account
• Complete back-end code re-development
• Redesigned bookmarklet tool

Upcoming features:

• Mobile website
• Refreshed design
• Notifications
• Improved search & suggested results

Check out the updates!

Designspiration Job Board

April 29th, 2013

I’ve been working non-stop over the last few months to get new features live for Designspiration. One of these features is the Job Board. The goal of the job board is to help creatives find career opportunities, check it out.

There were a number of challenging aspects of building this addition, but the main one was how to handle mobile. It’s not something I’ve done a whole lot of and just to complicate things, a new grid needed to be developed for the updates following this one. The restructuring of the grid took just about as much time to figure out as it did to build the job board itself.

If you know an agency or company looking to hire, please let them know about the job board. Also, follow the Designspiration jobs twitter @Dspnjobs for job updates. Designspiration Interview

March 28th, 2011

Eric Miller, who runs the Graphic Design section of the enormously popular, asked me to do an interview with him about the process of building Designspiration. I talked about some of the issues of building the site and how to overcome such obstacles.

You can read the interview here: Designspiration / Shelby White Interview. Updates & Live Broadcast

February 22nd, 2011

The broadcast will take place on this wednesday (Feb 23, 2011)

Designspiration just received its first major update that adds a number of new features to the site. The whole site was essentially rebuilt from scratch to address a number of updates that needed to happen. There still are a few updates that are in the works, but I’d like to share a few of the new features on the site.

Following system: the following system gives registered users the ability to follow or be follow (much a like Twitter). The images from the people you follow will appear in your “My Following” feed.

Profiles: To access your profile click the ‘My Profile’ link in your dashboard. Profiles give you the ability to share your name and website with other members.

Editing tags: Finally the ability to edit tags. In conjunction with editing tags, titles can also be edited. To edit the tags or title of a post you’ve found, click ‘edit’ under the right hand corner of the image on the single page.

Flagging: No this doesn’t mean nudity is allowed. This is a way for us to keep the quality of content really high. There are two options for flagging images: 1) the image content or 2) the image needs the tags or title updated.

Front page: The front page of the site has been replaced with a feed that is updated daily with images that are becoming popular. This feed of images will always have the best content from throughout the site. It is the feed to Featured subscribe to.

RSS Feeds: Feeds have been added for the front page Featured section, Popular, Everyone, Random and for every user on the site.

Secret features: Tune into my live broadcast on Wednesday, February 23rd at 12PM Pacific Standard Time to get the lowdown on these features that haven’t yet been released. I will also talk about a couple of updates to the site that will be coming in the following week.

Making of

December 13th, 2010

Nearly ten months ago, I had an idea that was inspired by the design community, one that I became very passionate about. The idea was to create some sort of platform to share what inspires you. We’ve seen it done before, but what I have for you is something I hope and believe you’ll really enjoy.

Designspiration is the outcome of my efforts to realize my idea, evolving into a site occupied by a diverse range of inspiration curated by its users. Designspiration or DSPN for short, focuses on the core principles of sharing inspiration and utilizes some great features; like a search function that works like a Swiss army knife, which I will discuss more in the post. Little did I know when starting this project that I would be clocking in more than 1,000 hours over the past ten months.

If you’re eager to check out the site, you can hit or With that said, I’m really excited to share this project and process with you…


7″ Factory Record Sleeve Collection

August 10th, 2010

Every time I come across incredible collections like this one, I become super inspired to dig endlessly to find more beautiful pieces. It’s beautiful to look at these and give our eyes a break from current design trends, good or bad. Make sure to click the images to view them in detail.

View the full collection.


Book Cover Designspiration

May 5th, 2010

The first cover’s color, imagery and typography is just gorgeous. I also really enjoy the piece by Anton Stankowski. Check out more of these on the flickr stream.

Images via Joe Kral/Swiss Legacy Flickr.

Australian Designspiration + CTA

April 1st, 2010

All new designspiration from Australian based design studio, War Design. This project was for CTA, a technical adhesive company. The goal was to reflect a new level of professionalism and technical advancement in their field and I believe they’ve done that in a strong manner.

Wouldn’t you agree that the system put into place for the Prohesive, Polyblend, and MCB product lines make them sing? The unfortunate thing is that these bags will see the trash can all too soon.

Via Lovely Packaging.

Mesoesthetic Packaging

February 11th, 2010

mesoesthetic packaging

mesoesthetic packaging

mesoesthetic packaging

When large typography and monochrome color combine, I fall in love. This is without a doubt, one of my favorite package designs this year. The product, Ms men by Mesoesthetic, was designed by Espluga + Associados a Barcelona based design group. If anyone from Mesoesthetic just happens to be tuning in I would love to get my hands on some of this product.

January 17th, 2010

It even has a watermark is by far the finest collection of the business cards out there. Not to mention its one of the largest that I’ve found and one of the most inspiring. If you have the patience of clicking, sift through all of the cards, its well worth the time. In case you’re wondering about the name–It even has a watermark–watch this scene from American Psycho.

Studio 8 At this Rate

January 17th, 2010

When mixed, large type and beautiful images always get me. This project by Studio 8 blends the two together to form a beautiful booklet. It’s aim is to raise awareness about the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. The booklet is made from only one sheet of FSC certified paper, folding out from the cover into a 12-page concertina, maximizing the sheet usage and minimizing waste.

B+W Assorted Packaging

November 20th, 2009

wanken blog
wanken blog
wanken blog
wanken blog
wanken blog
wanken blog
wanken blog
on the wanken blog
wanken blog
on the wanken blog
Some wonderful black & white packaging designs from an unknown source. I wish salt sold in Seattle was packaged as beautifully.

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