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Serif + Sans Serif Classification

April 19th, 2010

It’s a beautiful thing to see typefaces classified and grouped for us to quickly look at from day to day. Particularly I’ve found the Periodic Table of Typefaces to be most helpful. For nearly a year I had it as my desktop background. Every time I looked at my desktop I was looking at type and studying. You can grab the full desktop version here.

These next posters by Martin Plonka are all about Serif and Sans-serif classification. Besides being a beautiful set, I could see them being very useful in classrooms to help students understand the categories of type as well as seeing examples of the type in application. These posters are somewhat small but Martin covers these categories:

• Slab Serif
• Serif Old Style
• Serif Transitional
• Serif Modern
• Sans Humanist
• Sans (Neo)Grotesque
• Sans Geometric

Helly Hansen Ad Campaign

April 15th, 2010

Helly Hansen–as you may have already noticed by my Annual Report project–is a major manufacturer of special gear for sports and outdoor work. The HH headquarters is in Moss, Norway which as it seems, would explain the style that comes across through the brands’ design.

The particular agency that created these ads was Swiss Publicis Zurich in 2005. Some other information that I found about concluded that Markus Gut was the creative director, Isabelle Hauser was the art director and Roy Spring was the copywriter for this campaign. These don’t quite fall into the normal range of my posts but this campaign appeared to have a strong driving concept. With that said, my favorite ad is the penquin ad.

Mid-Century Modern Inspiration Pt 2

April 7th, 2010

mid century modern on wanken
mid century modern on wanken
mid century modern on wanken
mid century modern on wanken
mid century modern on wanken
More inspiration from the Mid-Century Modern Art & Design Flickr pool. I would love to find out what cameras were used to take these images–if you know anything, please share.

The Colors of Mid-Century Modern

April 7th, 2010

Image courtesy of

There is always something stunning about coming across gems like these two mid-century color palettes. While they may not be the most attractive images, they certainly have helped me nail down that ever-so-unique mid-century vibe. I’m most drawn to the Siliconized High Gloss and Color Varnish sets.

You can see some other examples of these colors in use here and here.

Bauen Wohnen

April 5th, 2010

These book covers caught my eye immediately as I was fumbling through mid century design archives. The designer who created these was Richard Paul Lohse for the swiss architectural magazine Bauen + Wohnen. The actual booklet size is about 13 x 9.4 inches.

Images via joekral Flickr & info via The Wiedler Collection.

Australian Designspiration + CTA

April 1st, 2010

All new designspiration from Australian based design studio, War Design. This project was for CTA, a technical adhesive company. The goal was to reflect a new level of professionalism and technical advancement in their field and I believe they’ve done that in a strong manner.

Wouldn’t you agree that the system put into place for the Prohesive, Polyblend, and MCB product lines make them sing? The unfortunate thing is that these bags will see the trash can all too soon.

Via Lovely Packaging.

Hipstamatic App Review Pt 2: The Results

March 29th, 2010

Hipstamatic on Wanken

Hipstamatic on Wanken

Hipstamatic on Wanken

Hipstamatic on Wanken

If you’re just tuning in to part 2 of the Hipstamatic iPhone camera app review, you can catch part 1 here. This set of photos is from this past week around Seattle. I used a combination of lenses and flashes to get the effects that I wanted. Once again, the best part about this app is that its fair unpredictable which leaves room for interesting results every time.

If you have photos taken with the Hipstamatic app, feel free to post your results in a link, in the comments. I would love to see how yours turn out.


1970’s Traveller Series Games

March 26th, 2010

traveller series games on wanken

traveller series games on wanken

traveller series games on wanken

traveller series games on wanken

traveller series games on wanken

It’s funny how you stumble upon things online. I found these 1970’s Traveller Series games quite randomly and noticed how completely different the design was for games in the 70’s versus games now (ie. Life, Batman). Growing up I wasn’t that into games but I still do enjoy a good one from time to time. My favorites being Yahtzee, Zilch or even Polish Poker.

The work of Peter Seitz

March 25th, 2010

These pieces were created in the 1960’s by the graphic design pioneer Peter Seitz. It seems to me that Seitz’s work revolves a lot around forms (triangle, circle, square, line etc.). My favorite is the urban/regional studies institute piece. It uses an expressive intersection of shapes that really draws my eye in.

Images via Walker Art & Ryan Gerald.

Mid-Century Modern Flickr Pool

February 23rd, 2010

It’s a wonderful feeling to look back at older art & design. This particular group of images, sourced from a pool on Flickr called Mid-Century Modern Art & Design, are just a few of many that I really enjoyed.

Don’t let the great image of the Sands Motel fool you. Maybe at one point in its life it was an oasis but now, its far from it. I included this image because of my personal recollection of the motel and also because I wasn’t aware that the Sands Motels existed anywhere but in downtown Boise, Idaho. In the image above it looks gorgeous and like it was the hot spot. That certainly wasn’t the case in Boise back in 2002.

The Sands Motel as I knew it, was a trashy, run-down motel where drug deals and prostitutes went down. The sheets of the beds had burn holes, the knob of the sink came off to the touch and fell down the sink (whoops), and lastly the TV. My brother and I were little and of course wanted to watch some TV (more than likely to get our minds off the fact that this motel was sketchy) so our dad hardwired the TV back into working order because someone had cut the wires off the back of it for some unknown reason. On top of that I believe that when our dad went into the lobby to get a room, the guy was sleeping in his chair with his arms falling back to each side and his head tilted over the back of the chair, looking like he was dead. If this wasn’t an indication that we shouldn’t stay here, then I don’t know what was.

Alex Varanese

February 21st, 2010

Alex Varanese is a stunning visual artist based out of San Francisco. His work has a very unique and retro feel to it, using experimental type to really make each piece sing. Initially the detail is what I was drawn to, but after reading about Alex on various sites, I realized that the majority of his work is true 3D Illustrations. It’s extremely hard to tell because each piece has been completed so extensively. I could only imagine that each one of these pieces was substantially time consuming.

I would love to take the time to learn how to work with a real 3D program such as Maya or 3ds Max. It seems like there is so much that could be done design-wise. If you have any other great 3d design links, feel free to share them.


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