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Uncomfortably Sexual Company Logos

May 12th, 2011

Usually I don’t post bad design on the blog but these certainly deserve to be posted. How is it even possible that the designer didn’t see the innuendo’s brewing when designing these? This by far is the funniest and greatest-of-the-worst set of logos. It is almost unbelievable that this could happen. Just to add to the humor, some of these were designed for churches…

Via Somecards


La Strada Identity

February 3rd, 2011

La Strada is a cozy cafe perfect for taking a break to have a pleasant time in a calm, relaxed atmosphere. The design done here by Transformer Studio is very clean and well executed. Unfortunately nailing down the whereabouts of this cafe hasn’t been easy.

Basle Film Festival Identity

January 19th, 2011

Seeing projects like this Basle Film Festival identity really get me excited for the possibilities of analog projections in my own projects. The creators of this project, Andreas Hidber (art direction) and Laurent Rueff (photographer) used a Nikon FA for the projection by removing the back of it and inserting previously developed slide film that contained the logo that you see on the wall.

To project through the camera onto the wall they used a flash pointed into the back of the camera while shooting on Bulb mode. This allowed them to keep the shutter open. In order to capture the projection they shot with a digital camera on the side. The most interesting part of this is that people aren’t likely or really able to view the projection.

Deichmanske Library Identity

December 28th, 2010

Mikael Floysand completed this project for the Deichmanske Library as a final exam while at Westerdals School of Communication. The project included identity, promotional and editorial design.

The library’s goal is to become one of the most modern and functional libraries in Europe by combining the old library tradition with new digital media advancements. It will also function as a cultural institution, housing concerts, a café/bar, lectures & debates. The identity focuses on the many sides of the institution by building a brand that constantly evolves rather than being static, just as the library itself is supposed to.

The part I enjoy the most about this identity is that the logo is modular. It has more than just one form but when applied, it still is recognizable as the same/similar. Also the typefaces, color palette, and paper stock that were used give off a great european vintage vibe.

The Branding of GAP

September 3rd, 2010

Gap is one of those brands that I’ve just never bought into. Why? I’m not sure. But if asked what brands are doing it right with their branding, I would say these guys are.

Earlier this year I started noticing some of the really nicely designed outdoor displays and really felt like their typographic decisions in combination with photography were really appealing. I’m not sure how long GAP has been using Helvetica as their brand’s type but all of their current promotional materials have it. To me it seems like a perfect fit, especially with the number set ‘1969’. Gap’s 1969 Stream collection website is another great example of where I feel that they’ve done right.

What are your thoughts on Gap’s branding?


V-One Jet Charter Branding

May 14th, 2010

v-one on wanken
It’s been nearly a year and a half since I completed this project in school. The project was a self-initiated re-branding of V1 Private Jet charter. The reason for tackling this particular company was that their branding was loose. It looked as if the aspect of design throughout their brand had been lost sight of. Being that V1 is a jet charter service that offers their luxury-minded clientele on-demand private jet charter services for both domestic and international travel, I tackled this design in a whole new way than their previous mark.

The initial reaction when beginning the logo process was that the previous V-One was in resemblance of something too close to military and science (periodic table of elements). The new logo utilized a powerful mark in addition to hand-drawn type. The new logo represents aspects of their clients: luxury and exclusiveness. The logo’s “V” shape also incorporates a slice that enables the shape to be interpreted as a bird flying high, or a jet taking off up and to the left.

v-one on wanken
v-one on wanken

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