How Bad Do You Want Success?

August 30th, 2011

I’m not posting this video because of the NFL and I’m not posting this video because of the athlete. I sincerely believe there is a very important message in the video relating directly to finding your success. You’ve heard it before: If you want to be on the same level as the people that you look up to, you’ll need to work really, really hard. The secrets to success are revealed through hard work.

If you’re going to be successful you’ve got to be willing to give up sleep.

This does not mean do not sleep. However, it does mean you need to prioritize. You need to prioritize your thoughts and actions relative to your goals. This video is a metaphor for the things in life that you do, that can and quite possibly need to be sacrificed.

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  1. michael says:

    one of the most inspiring and amazing things i’ve seen in a while or heard. Made me a little emotional hahaha…LEGIT good post Shelby

  2. Dave Behm says:

    Great post!!!! You got me all fired up!

  3. Ivan says:

    I like his attitude towards success, however its not all about making that money because you may be successful, but you may not be happy.

  4. Bernat says:

    Awsome post Shelby!

    Where is this voice from?

  5. Kristy says:

    Bernat, the guy featured is Eric the hip hop preacher. He is a motivational speaker with a lot of videos on youtube.

    More videos

  6. Travis says:

    GREAT POST! Just what I needed to hear this morning!!

  7. jp33 says:

    as someone who played competitive sports throughout my youth and into college this brings me back to a special place. i miss training like that and it most certainly is a carry over into other aspects of your life. great post

  8. Ramona says:

    This is the most inspirational video I’ve seen in my 30 years. Thank you so much. Love and respect.

  9. Stewart says:

    Great video, I think I love my sleep too much to give it up :-)

  10. Damien says:

    Great post. Very inspirational and gives you that internal drive to keep going until success is met head on. If only more people could follow this we would have a lot more successful stories to post and be in awe about!

    PS is that a little explosions in the sky as the background music? Love the mixture of their ambient sound with the powerful message of the voice over. Great combo.

    Again great inspiring post!

  11. vlad says:

    the music made me realize how lonely you must be when you strive for it.
    it’s not what you become, it’s what you already have to be, day by day. that’s why we do it. not for a destination.

  12. Jeff says:

    Amazingly inspirational.

    Is there a photo credit available? Love to see if I can find a larger print.

  13. Shelby White says:

    @Jeff The above photo I just screenshot from the video then overlayed text. The videographer would be the person to contact for a larger resolution frame grab.

  14. Cameron says:

    Every time I watch this I get pumped and ready for the day. I keep telling my fellow seniors in PSU GD that you cannot sleep or your gonna miss something but they dont believe me. This is one of my favorite motivational / inspirational things to watch / listen to while working. Thanks for posting it.

  15. Shelby White says:

    @Cameron Glad you find the inspiration in this!

    I’m sure your colleagues aren’t on the same page simply because they don’t see the same “you’ve got to be willing to give up sleep” analogy that you see. It’s ok that not everyone sees it, because not everyone will. Those who do, have that ability to use it to their advantage.

  16. Cameron says:

    @Shelby so true. I have listened to this a few times today already. It is crazy the man that is talking is great he reminds me of my grandfather in a way although he is a six foot Lebanese man. Thanks again and hope to run into you one day in PDX. Take care.

  17. Luc says:

    Great video – on top of the motivation, it made me want to go back and watch all of Friday Night Lights (the series) again…

  18. Alex says:

    Drive and motivation are important, but pushing people to sacrifice sleep to be successful is total meatheaded alpha-male BS. It’s like an advert for Red Bull or something.

    Skip sleep all the time? Sure – if you want to be depressed, irritable, constantly sick and to lose all joy in your life in some deranged competitive quest prompted by some wannabe preacher you watched on the internet.

    Simpler advice: Love what you do. And want to do it better.

  19. Shelby White says:

    @Alex you may be missing a portion of the point because of literal word translation.

    The video does not mean literally* do not sleep. However, it does mean you need to prioritize. It is a metaphor for certain things in life that you do that can and quite possibly, should be sacrificed.

  20. Alex says:

    @ShelbyWhite I appreciate the central message of the video is not simply: “You must sacrifice sleep”, but he does make rather a large point to that effect, and makes a virtue of, or at least glorifies by example, pushing oneself into unhealthy behaviour like not eating or sleeping for days.

    This is simply NOT necessary to be successful. How about time management? How about resting your mind and body to be inspired and healthy? How about awareness that this self-flaggelating obsession to prove oneself is frequently a product of low self-esteem and not at all what creativity and happiness depend upon?

    This is just dreadful advice, barked over an uplifting soundtrack by a man who frankly sounds like he’s on steroids.

  21. Shelby White says:

    @Alex metaphor’s are what this video uses to get the message across. You’ll notice in a number of motivational speeches and other talks that have happened since the dawn of time, they don’t cover every sub-lesson in one swoop. Those are for you to find.

    Rather than say all of that in a third comment, I will say that if this video & advice doesn’t hit home for you, that’s fine. It’s absolutely all in how you use it.

  22. Ryan says:

    This video is certainly a good motivator to put your head down and fricken work. I know I could use a good kick in the teeth every now and then to work harder. In that, however, it may be a misstep to say working for more hours is the same thing as working ‘harder’. Of course in the big picture ones life, family, relationships, and wellness contribute towards our goals and aspirations…

    You may have seen this video about “The Myths of the Overworked Creative” (

    ) which has some great, scientific/factual, responses to this philosophy. When the proverbial rubber hits the road, these two views seem to hold each other in tension, but it’s this balance that could be insightful in this conversation.

    (BTW your Typefaces of the world poster is hanging on my wall… RAD!)

  23. Shelby White says:

    @Ryan you’re certainly right: More hours doesn’t mean working hard.

    The Myths of the Overworked creative is coming in a post soon. Also, would you mind snapping a pic and linking it on the post for Typefaces of the World? I’d really appreciate it and love to see the poster hanging!

  24. Thanks for the inspiration I need to be the SUCCESS I’m dreaming of in 2012!

  25. seyitan says:

    wow, a real motivating video. Guess who’s not sleeping tonight lol

  26. Mike says:

    I know this video isn’t sports-specific, but an athlete is used to illustrate its points. Which is why I find the “sleep is luxury” idea weird. For hard-training athletes sleep is probably one of the smarter and more productive things that can do with their time. Recovery is where the growth happens. For non-sporting endeavours it’s serves a similar purpose.

  27. diane gibbs says:

    great video, I get it and preach it and live it, but the majority of students/people don’t want the hard work, they want what is easy. They disengage as soon as it sounds too hard. It is all do-able but it does take time and effort. If it was easy we all would be rich and successful. I like the rush of gasping for the success, it helps me keep going. Great video, already shared. Excellent post, thanks

  28. Hey says:

    It literally means do not sleep. If you wanna become good at something so bad that you don’t wanna sleep, you are gonna do it. Not sleeping is hard, but hard work and not sleeping is even harder. Only sleep when you HAVE to, and that is when you are exhausted. Otherwise it becomes one stream only, and the days seem to be just one uninterrupted line, which is not good. You set a standard by yourself and you do not search for other ways. Tell yourself it’s the only way you are gonna achieve it, and do it. As long as you have gone through the day without doing it, you do not sleep. Thinking about working is NOT working. Doing IS working.Sleep only becomes for the weak when you have not achieved what you should have done in a day. Hard working people respect sleep because it’s the time when they can relax, lazy people think it’s just sleep, so they will do it without thinking of the consequences. Imagine the one day before an exam or a major competition. The stress you go through when you think if you have done everything you should have. This idea inhabits hard-working people every single day…HAVE I done everything i could today? This is why they don’t sleep. If you sleep, you’ll always find someone who has achieved it..and you regret that you slept that one day. If you think you work hard, it’s not enough because even if by the society’s standards you are working hard, by your own standards you are not…Push, push, and push even harder…you CAN do it. Once you achieve automatism in something you have worked hard at…you know you are doing good but why stop there?

  29. jgmiller says:

    This “not sleeping” bs is a sad window into capitalist ultra-competitiveness. Sleep is a healthy, natural, restorative, necessary part of every person’s daily routine. The idea that “not sleeping” = “working hard” = “success” is a sad, masturbatory window into the pwned-ness of so many “successful” people.

  30. jacob_weber says:

    Wow. Fantastic!

  31. Kashif Ansari says:

    success is a relative term. successful in relation to what. mankind has succeeded in his endeavors but have we seen any progress as regards morality or caring behavior. no. rash drivers and rude waiters and bullying in our schools all attest that we are still in the infantile stage a far as this area is concerned. the prophets all taught us right from wrong. and so did those who had heart and soul. but ultimately man is his own worst enemy. our species is not only suicidal but drags its co-members down into the ditch with it.

  32. Really nice video… but i still cant figure out a way to give up sleep, and to be more productive. Tried it so many times. especially when you are doing the creative work!!

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  34. Do you have any video of that? I’d like to find out more details.

  35. Hammur says:

    Sleep is what keeps the brain fresh and gives it some down time.

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