John Jay of Wieden Kennedy Talks Creativity

August 8th, 2011

YouTube Preview ImageJohn Jay of Wieden + Kennedy was recently named one of the most creative business people in 2011 by Fast Company. His position as W+K’s executive creative director takes him between all of the W+K offices in an effort to breed those cultures into the main headquarters in Portland.

In this video John Jay talks about his creative process. He takes a step back and approaches his interpretation of process from a wise view. What I’ve drawn mostly from this is that it’s about conversation. Most importantly it’s about listening to what people have to say and then taking that to make it relative and understandable to other people.

The last thing that I’ve drawn from this that I agree with is that you should always place yourself around people that you aspire to be. It’s really about surrounding yourself with positive energy. It sounds cheesy but it makes a world of difference.

The greatest thing we can offer is to be great listeners.

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  1. Dersu says:

    Thanks so much for the inspiration, we reposted this at we love your blog so much!

  2. Michael says:

    Really Enjoyed this video, definitely inspirational and a good piece to post. I Really enjoyed it with my bowl of oatmeal buddy.


  3. Good looks. Thanks Shelby.

  4. Thanks for the share, great wisdom to soak up.

  5. Matt Furman says:

    Thanks for posting. I’m so glad that the video is getting out there and seen by more than just people that check out the Fast Company site. John was such a cool guy, and truly an inspiration.

  6. Ryan Botha says:

    Thanks for sharing.. It is exactly the kind of stuff I believe in.

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