Hollywood Hills Glass Wall House

June 29th, 2011

If I could tour the homes built by John Lautner I would in an instant. This glass walled home in the Hollywood Hills has been used many times in photoshoots and I believe in movies. The most intriguing part about it is the minimalist and angular interior design. The bathroom sink is particularly interesting because of its interaction with the plants—sort of like having a bathroom in a rainforest.

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  1. Saent LaRok says:

    This pad was in the Snoop Dogg “Let’s Get Blown” video, and I’ve seen that diamond-shaped bed with an attractive young woman on it in a photo shoot as well. I love this house. That view is incredible.

  2. Tav says:

    This house reminds me of Jackie Treehorn’s house in The Big Lebowski. Either way it’s beautiful.

  3. Scott says:

    Tav, I immediately though of Treehorn’s house as well. I just scrubbed through to that scene in The Big Lebowski and it is indeed the same house.

  4. Jesse says:

    Interesting to note, Lautner’s houses have oft been used as “villain’s lairs”


    His houses have been used in Bond Films, the new Charlie’s Angels (a replica), and the Lethal Weapon series.


  5. NANA says:

    LETS GO SEE JOSEF…… ; – )

  6. i ant kal says:

    This house is not only in te Big Lebosky… or Snoop with Pharrell…
    it is also ina lot of xxx movies… and commercials…

    take a look at Lautner’s documentary


    He was one of the greatest of all times…. for me.

  7. cecelia says:

    amazing…bringing the awesome outside into the inside in a most livalbe and capible way. I love yoru work and mind.

  8. John says:

    Now used in season 1 of snowfall

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