Braun Watch Collection

April 24th, 2011

Braun has always been known for quality products and quite possibly the best minimalist design solutions. The company’s new watch collection extends beautiful design to our wrists by offering a few different models. The cost of one of these watches is about $190 which isn’t bad when compared to Rado or IWC. I’m looking at this model for my next watch purchase.

If you could pick any of these, which one would you get?

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  1. zx says:

    The overall design is great. I don’t like the date though. It doesn’t fit the rest at all.

  2. Shandon says:

    These are very different looking i think the last one is the cleanest.

  3. Nitzan says:

    Lovely — definitely my next watch.

  4. Bady says:

    the second or the last :)

  5. Josh Tuck says:

    #3 or #5. They are all beautiful. Perhaps there are five so you can have one for each day of the week?

  6. thehalvo says:

    I would die for #3

    #2 and #5 are very similar to some of the pieces over at

  7. eydryan says:

    Second or best as well. But they’re WAY too expensive, for that money I can get a nice atlantic watch

  8. eydryan says:

    *last not best

  9. Brad S. says:

    Interesting minimal designs but comparing watches that most likely have cheap electronic movements from a company known for it’s kitchen and bathroom appliances to the likes of IWC is laughable. Of course they’re going to be cheaper.

  10. Oliver says:

    last one is very cool …

  11. Oh I have been getting really into watches lately, I saw this one and i really like it. My favorite one is the max bill – junghans. Its perfect, I have never had such a crush on watch.

  12. Tim says:

    ich liebe diese klaren strukturen wie im Bauhausstil, schlicht , nüchtern, klar wie früher die Bahnhofsuhren.

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