New Portfolio Roll Out

June 19th, 2009

After nearly a full year of not having a portfolio online, I’ve finally gathered my new work and put it in an all new website. It’s been quite a journey to get it online but its here.

Let me highlight a few of the new areas, but it easily speaks for itself:

Work: The new portfolio has four sections; print, branding, interactive and personal. The print section will be the container for packaging and any printed material. Next up is the branding section–my favorite. You will find both identity specific projects and full brand development projects here. The interactive section is pretty straight forward; web projects will be in this category (hopefully live websites soon). Lastly the personal section. All of my personal posters, t-shirts and odds & ends will be here.

Contact: Send messages! I’m currently available for freelance and would love to hear from you.

Labs: This will have…well…experiments. Some great specimens (ideas) are brewing.

Every section of the website is expandable and I will continually add to them. Each time a new piece is added, I will be showcasing it on the front page. For any of you feed readers, you may just have to join us all at ground level to view the images.

Feedback is welcomed! The more the merrier.

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  1. Heck yeah man. Looks great. Kudos.

  2. Nice update to your website Shelby, looking good. Feels substantially more polished and it’s great to see some of your work too.

  3. Tony says:

    Great work and great site. really nice.

  4. Jeffdoe says:

    Bravo Shelby! Great looking site with great looking content! Kudos again!

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