Ten Cameras Every Photographer Wish They Had

June 15th, 2009

If you’re a photographer, then chances are you’re wishing you had a new camera to play with. Yeah sure, your current one is just fine, but you want the next camera with that sleek new special gadget.

I think I may have found ten cameras that will solve your wants forever. Sure they are a little strange, but these cameras will produce such interesting results that you can’t go wrong. The only problem is that they’re limited in quantity, so getting your hands on them will be tough.

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Top Ten Cameras Every Photographer wish they had


So there you have it–the top ten plus one. Ok so maybe these cameras aren’t the hottest on the market, but they sure are the most unique off the market. Most of them were sold for detective works with the exception of the matchbox camera, which was specifically for spying on people.

Read more about these cameras on this article.

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  1. Ian Matteson says:

    As cool as these cameras are ha! I will stick to the Mark II

  2. sam wells says:

    do they come in digital?

  3. Sam, I wish they were digital! How funny would that be to have a neck tie camera or a gun camera. It would make for a super interesting experiment–pointing these gun cameras at people and shooting (taking pictures) of their reactions. It’s only a good idea if you have willing subjects, but aren’t 100% aware of what’s happening. Just a thought.

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