Wilkinson Residence Treehouse

December 29th, 2010

This beautiful treehouse, the Wilkinson Residence and is located in the forest of Portland, Oregon. The architecture captures the harmony of the surrounding nature. The treehouse was designed and created by Robert Harvey Oshatz.

Found via Fubiz

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  1. Shandon says:

    Good blog to think it’s right in our back yard. Does someone live in it or is it strictly for viewing.

  2. Rich Cave says:

    I hate straight line box houses, this is a awesome example of symbiotic architecture design, enviironment and living.

    Thanks for this


  3. Christopher Deutsch says:

    Oh my god…I want this!

  4. xx says:

    Looks like a roundish Lloyd W!

  5. Jog says:


    Looks like somewhere between a Hobbit’s house and the underground base in Lost.

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