The Office of Facebook

November 30th, 2010

If you’ve seen The Social Network then these images of Facebook’s headquarters may be for you. The goal that the firm Facebook had hired—Studio O+A—was to bring the 700+ employees together into a 150,000 square-foot space in Palo Alto’s Stanford Research Park.

The new facility maintained the buildings history and industrial look while embracing each employee division’s unique identity. Employees are encouraged to write on the walls, add artwork and move furniture where they need it so that it allows the office to continuously evolve and still maintain its fun atmosphere—much like Facebook itself.

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  2. sarah says:

    That’s a dream workspace! I would have never guessed this was facebbook headquarters, but that’s pretty neat that they write on the walls and move things around. I know I change my setup quite often to keep it interesting.

  3. misc2050 says:

    I wonder what privacy it offers? ;-)

  4. a man says:

    google rip off. boring.

  5. Matt says:

    Nice! Just wondering what a Pioneer dj-set is doing there…
    Anyway it’s nice to have that!

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