Selgas Cano Office

October 4th, 2010

It’s always cool to see interesting architecture warming the atmosphere of the creator. In this case the architectural firm, Selgas Cano built their modern office space inset into the ground. The office is located in suburban forest near or around Madrid, Spain.

The office puts you below ground level and makes you feel as if you’re deep into the woods. The glass cover lets you look up and out at anytime. This would probably make working rainy days or late nights in the low light, very relaxing. Especially when looking up at the stars through the glass.

Via ArchDaily. Photographs by Iwan Baan.

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  2. thehalvo says:

    love it. Some of the interior pieces could use some improvement, but the structure/layout is b e a u tiful.

  3. Jesse says:

    Amazing. I cant even think of what to write because I cant stop staring. I love the lines, the colors, the space and forms…stunning work.

    And what a perfect time of year to take the pictures.

  4. Nasuha says:

    the colors are so lovely.

  5. Balls says:

    soulless! It’s a glass zoo for corporate spiritual-sewage thinking designers.

  6. David Mishek says:

    That is amazing. Not only desingn and those colours and furniture, but imagine the strength of construction that must hold this up.

  7. Shawn says:

    It would definitely be an interesting space to work in. Also having the colored interior hidden from the exterior line of sight is pretty cool. Someone approaching the building not knowing its guts would see people at the tables and assume they are hard working diligent business professionals in a sterile setting, while at the same time when your in the space it is much warmer and inviting. Because of those colors you can kick back and be more casual. I however am not to keen on the way the space feels so short from the interior shots. Having that space in ground must help some with heating and cooling energy that having such a huge glass wall must require though.

  8. herzo says:

    Where is the bathroom?

  9. Shelby White says:

    That is a very good question…

    I’d be guessing, but I think its at the far end (where we can’t see).

  10. lono says:

    Wow! Wish I was designing in that office environment!

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