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September 27th, 2010

Recently I’ve been on a photography kick where all I want to do is shoot photos. Any one else get those urges? It’s those inspirational photographers out there like Maelle Andre that really cause that to happen. These images to me have so much raw, authentic nature. I maybe would even go as far as saying this is how photography should be.

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  1. The range of colour on these images are amazing.

  2. Michael says:

    digging the color and feel of these. Going to check this photographer out.

  3. Jesse says:

    I totally agree about the authenticity of these shots. Something I have noticed more and more of is a trend toward a “cool looking” picture rather than a meaningful image. Probably due to the rise of software accessibility vs. the expense of education. Throw in the rush to get some sort of decent portfolio out there, and the combination produces a flood of quality post processing on top of a mediocre images. As I say this I know i am as guilty as charged. I have to laugh at some of the pictures deep in my flickr pool, or on my hard drive…

    These shots area breath of fresh air for me, and not just because i naturally connect with the analog look (but partly), more because it is so fitting to the shot. Looking at images like these challenges me to be more selective and responsible while building a body of work, not just for my sake but for the sake of the art form.

  4. Shelby White says:

    Jesse, I couldn’t agree more. I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing though. I think people (myself included at times) aren’t thinking about the story they’re wanting to tell because it is seemingly right there and all too obvious.

    I’ve found myself recently to be much more selective in what images I take…and actually keep on my harddrive.

  5. Lolakaz says:

    The blond pretty girl at #5 is called Lady Diamond, she’s french.

  6. Adrian says:

    This bulk of this work doesn’t really qualify good photography, more a visual gimmick. If you peel away the coloureffects, most of these images are quite average….

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