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July 5th, 2008

Since I shoot photos, and I blog them frequently, I’ll post a little bit about one of my favorite brands–Kwanon. Wait a minute…Kwanon?

In 1933, Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory (Canon) was established and Kwanon was the name given to Canon’s earliest cameras. Their first logo during the prototype stage, was a horrid beautiful rendition of what looks like Buddhist deity.

Canon has since then undergone some serious changes that have given us a much more welcoming logo. Here are some of the stages they’ve gone through to get that logo that we’ve all come to love:

canon logos

Another logo change that is questionable is Walmart’s. In my opinion, all they really need is the updated color change and that will be enough for them.

walmart logo

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  1. Alex Burner says:

    They definitely need to do a retro camera release of some sort (perhaps the 1934 Kwanon 35mm?), branded with that deity logo. I’d drop serious money on something like that.

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