Retrofuturs / Stephane Massa-Bidal

August 24th, 2010

Retrofuturs is the moniker of Stephane Massa-Bidal. Stephane is a French illustrator that aims to combine the past, present and future into each piece. This particular series uses Helvetica majorly masked by objects that have been removed from photographs. The series’ aesthetic is similar to Mark Weaver’s while at the same time carrying its own.

I’d really like to know where the images came from. I would guess that they were used from a public domain archive or creative commons. The quality and compositions are these images are quite amazing.

Update: AC via the comments, has provided this link to images similar to the ones used in Stephane’s work.

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  1. Michael says:

    Loving this like a fat kid loves cake, and loving it like cows love hay…good post shelby!!!!

  2. Ian Houghton says:

    Looks beautiful – does he explain the significance of the numbers?

  3. Shelby White says:

    I can’t seem to find any information the number significance, which is unfortunate because we’re all in the dark to what they reference.

  4. Jesse says:

    looks great, i was wondering about the numbers as well. Also the meaning of the image pairing. I am head over heals for the tones though.

  5. Hi, thanks for the post, there was no signifiance about the numbers, just esoteric numbers…
    The inspiration is Magriite and Stargate

    This pattern serie will be used in the next issue of the french litterary magazine “USbeck & Rica” about Israel and there will be dates on the illustrations

  6. james says:

    Simply beautiful. Love it! Thanks for posting.

  7. AC says:

    Background images remind me of these old Detroit Publishing company photocroms I found a while back: .

  8. Shelby White says:

    Stephane, awesome of you to tune in! You’ve done some amazing work—really appreciative of it.

    @AC, incredible find. I’m glad the Flickr author has added photo info.

  9. […] / Stephane Massa-Bidalsd33house on 08 27 10 <img src=’;… Retrofuturs is the moniker of Stephane Massa-Bidal. Stephane is a French illustrator that aims to […]

  10. Anonymous says:

    Twitter Trackbacks…

  11. Danny says:

    looks like a a cheap copy of Mark Weaver’s work

  12. George says:

    I agree Danny, it is almost a complete carbon copy of Weavers projects.

  13. jipé says:

    Beautiful work ! i recognize “la place des terreuax” ;)

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