Trio Flyer & Stock

April 23rd, 2008

There originally were going to be a few posts in a row with a couple different graphics, but I’ve narrowed it down into this one. Up first is a flyer done for a show in Philadelphia, PA. The show is for Marcus Eaton and his band. The show will be happening Wednesday, April, 23 (tomorrow). If you’re in the area check it out.

shelby white wanken design
It looks as if more of this stuff will be coming soon as well as plenty more photos. I just purchased a new set of gadgets that I’ll blog about when I get them in the mail. For now I’ll leave it up in the air as to what it is.

Second on my list of things to blog about, are a few of the stock photos from the Sunday walk at the Olympic Sculpture park with Dave. Apparently both of us had stock photos in mind when we went out shooting. We both returned with very similar shots. Here are some of them. There are more on flickr that you can view:


Cloud Puff

Grass + Gravel

Texture Wall

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