Sunset, Concertina & Waterfront Photos

February 27th, 2008

Today was an alright day. Things have been slowly getting better around here–been feeling slightly more motivated to get out and do things around downtown. Today started off with a small walk down to Pioneer Square where Steve Arnston (Ai Professor)** played his concertina.

**Pictured is Steve Arnston**

After I was done shooting, a friend and myself headed back towards home to upload photos. I snagged another friend to head up towards Queen anne to a bicycle shop.

I had to return a BMX tube to a bike shop because they were the incorrect size. The bike mechanic at the strop proceeded to tell me that I was putting my tube in wrong at the shop–I’ve been riding bikes for almost 10 years! Even so, you can’t go wrong in putting a tube in a tire except pinch flats. The most annoying part of the whole thing is that it’s the only bike shop that carries any BMX accessories in all of downtown Seattle.

Anyways, now that the ranting is done, here are a few of tonight’s sunset images. Some of these will be available at my account so if you want a print, you can order from there =).

Olympic Rocks

Mt. Rainier

Taxi till Sunset


Silhouette B&W

Olympic Park

Tanker on the Waterfront


**Pictured is Shandon Dyksterhouse**

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