Kerry Park, Proposal and Portait Photos

February 19th, 2008

Yesterday was quite the adventurous day. A couple friends and myself decided to walk over to Kerry Park on Queen Anne (Seattle) so I could grab a few shots for this weeks blog. It turned out to be a much longer walk because of the Queen Anne hills, but was worth it.

We had just walked up and I was setting my tripod up and a guy (Tyler) walks over and we get to talking and he asks if I would be kind enough to take photos of his proposal–I said yes of course. While waiting, I snagged a few other shots. I definitely felt a good feeling just by watching the couple. Tyler wanted it to be low key and a special moment. I definitely think they had that, minus the group of tourists that were in awe when it happend =).

Here are some of the photos as well as two portraits of a friend, Amanda.

Tyler Proposing


Amanda on Sculpture
Pictured: Amanda

Pictured: Amanda

Grey Afternoon

Downtown from Kerry Park

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