Australian Designspiration + CTA

April 1st, 2010

All new designspiration from Australian based design studio, War Design. This project was for CTA, a technical adhesive company. The goal was to reflect a new level of professionalism and technical advancement in their field and I believe they’ve done that in a strong manner.

Wouldn’t you agree that the system put into place for the Prohesive, Polyblend, and MCB product lines make them sing? The unfortunate thing is that these bags will see the trash can all too soon.

Via Lovely Packaging.

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  1. Ian Houghton says:

    I agree – nice strong work. Nothing ground-breaking, but then again it’s adhesive and grout – nothing ground-breaking really required! It seems like a bit of a waste that the bags don’t get re-used, but I assume they’d be easy to recycle.

  2. I just assumed that the people who would be dealing with this product would just trash the bags, which is a shame. But the majority of designs probably end up in the trash any how.

  3. rent says:

    I saw these yesterday whilst browsing around and the designs immediately caught my eye. I love all of the different styles and yes, it may only be grout, but I think I’d like to buy some…just to save the bag even.

    Great post.

  4. It sounds like we may have to travel over to the land down under to get a hold of these.

  5. Bernat says:

    I absolutely love A66. It’s reminds me District-9 weapons concepts. Maybe it’s all about War Design

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