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  1. Ryan says:

    I agree, the shanghai logo is pretty week…creative but very week. With the ability to create today with all of the technology and knowledge out there, you’d think they would have made a logo that would be seen as an icon, used as a statement. Although it is much better than their mascot of the expo.
    I guess cartoon characters represent world peace?

  2. By looking at this it seems as if their approach was to target a different audience than the other World Fair’s did. The Expo 67 logo was elegant yet the Shanghai 2010 logo is quite playful and as you pointed out, the mascot (horrid) is even more playful + cartoony.

    Maybe their reasoning was that it’s this younger generation that will be creating and changing the world. On top of all that though, the Shanghai logo lacks in every which-way possible.

  3. shandon says:

    expo67 is def the best….expo86 is not workin for them how they tried to kern the type good blog, keep it up!

  4. This is fantastic information. I’m working on a project about branding and visual identity at international expositions from 1958 to 2015 in addition to running and The World’s Fair Podcast.

    Expo ’67 is one of my favorite logos, as well…. as was Expo ’74’s mobius strip. Expo 2000’s was quite innovative in that it changed shape and color depending on context.

  5. Oh.. and you might enjoy this look at expo mascots:

    Voting has ended since I created this… and Expo 2012 has since changed their mascots.

  6. jp33 says:

    wow, that 67 logo is pretty nice – i had never seen it before.
    great post.

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  8. Jim Mitchell says:

    I agree. 67 is clean simple elegant timeless beautiful. Others weak in their various ways are perhaps trying to incorporate too many little themes rather than one grand and unifying idea. But mightn’t this be symptomatic of our touchy feely all inclusive PC world, nannying chivvying guiding everyone along rather than inviting them to sign on to something inspirational.

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