Alex Varanese

February 21st, 2010

Alex Varanese is a stunning visual artist based out of San Francisco. His work has a very unique and retro feel to it, using experimental type to really make each piece sing. Initially the detail is what I was drawn to, but after reading about Alex on various sites, I realized that the majority of his work is true 3D Illustrations. It’s extremely hard to tell because each piece has been completed so extensively. I could only imagine that each one of these pieces was substantially time consuming.

I would love to take the time to learn how to work with a real 3D program such as Maya or 3ds Max. It seems like there is so much that could be done design-wise. If you have any other great 3d design links, feel free to share them.

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  1. Ian Matteson says:

    Maya is not fun to use I cringe when i see all animated movies by how time consuming I know it to be. You should get into it. I can show you how to open the program and maybe start….

  2. Stunning. I have found Cinema 4D to be way more easy to use than Maya – it’s a little more user friendly too!

  3. Clarke says:

    I started in Blender 3d a few years back since it was kind of the opensource (free!) equivalent to Maya. Personally I really love it, it’s a vastly powerful program and does everything I need it to.

    It’s pretty effective to incorporate 3D into your workflow, it gives you that extra edge that straight illustrators don’t have, in my opinion. And sometimes it’s just easier to make things quickly in 3D that trying to get it done with the perspective tool in photoshop.

    Still scenes are relatively easy. Animating is where it starts to hurt like Ian says.

  4. The depth of the 3D rendering translated into 2D creates a great effect. Awesome work!

  5. NAVIS says:

    First thing to come to mind when I saw the first image was a record that jazz label Impulse! put out a few years back.

    Really slick work. It’s stuff like this that inspires me to hang up my graphic designing “skills” and just stick to what I know. :)

  6. B says:

    In my opinion most of his stuff I consider to be more art based (fine art, 3d modeling, etc) than true graphic design, though some elements of design such as type are incorporated. Great work however.

  7. Danny Richardson says:

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