Moscow Campus Commons Long exposure

August 18th, 2007

Laura pose

Clock Tower


Walk BW

Here are a few long exposures from last nights walk. I had gone up to Moscow to do some riding with a friend, Joey on Moscow Mountain. I’d never been up on the mountain, so it was definitely unknown to me. The ride turned out great and I found myself joking constantly about having to ride uphill to get to the downhill.

After the ride I finally got a chance to go on a mini-adventure with Laura. It seemed like there really weren’t that many people out last night. Of course it was 2AM, but usually people are out late anyhow. Anyways, here are some selectively picked photos. I sort of slapped the tripod down and fired these off. I wasn’t thrilled about firing off flashes because I didn’t want to hassle with security questioning what we were doing.

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