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July 15th, 2007

Last night was interesting to say the least. Every night since Thursday, the city has been closing down the city park due to vandalism of some buildings. Kids have been spray painting on the buildings and in turn, ruins it for everyone who likes to lounge around down there after hours.

I ended up parking just in downtown Orofino and firing a few photos off. These were all taken on the same block around the construction in the Courthouse parking lot. I believe they’re putting in a new EyeCare building. All of these photos were long exposures ranging from 20 to 30 seconds.





There were a few events happening on the 4th–the raft race was one of them. I shot quite a few photos of the rafters for the tribune. This seemed to be their favorite. The photo was on the front page of last weeks tribune edition.

Raft Race - 4th of July

After shooting the photos I decided to go for a swim…well apparently I forgot that my cell phone was tagging along and it went in for a swim. When I realized that it was still in my pocket, I jumped out of the water and tossed it onto the shore. After I was done swimming, I headed to the house to upload the photos from my CF card and sat down with my phone and a jewelers screw driver to take it apart. The internals on the phone weren’t complicated and I cleaned it, put it back together and it finally worked. I guess I learned that you don’t take cell phones near the water. Most likely you won’t be as lucky as I was. I also doubt that the iPhone can go for long swims and still live to tell the tale.

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