Steve Mcqueen’s Idaho Ranch

September 18th, 2013

Steve McQueen’s Moon Ranch is up for sale just outside of Sun Valley, Idaho for $7.4 million dollars. The two-story house sits on over 500 acres and includes a 1,728 square-foot garage. The house itself is really quite nice and the location is fantastic. Via AutoBlog.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Wow, how amazing. Filled with the comforts of the great outdoors and modern home. Plenty of garage space for a big truck or even luxury cars, spacious interior and breathtaking landscape.

  2. This film is also about audacity – both on the part of the characters as well as that of the filmmakers. Look at what we’re being fed – Vicky Anderson and Tommy Crown know how to play the Ruy Lopez, imagine that!

  3. This would be a great place to store my luxury cars when there not in use

  4. Jamie Lewis says:

    This idaho ranch is a beauty. I can’t imagine it complete without a fair assortment of exotic and luxury cars. Steve, check out our website! Next time you’re on vacation and find yourself in Miami or NYC we’d love to work with you. In any event, beautiful place. Would love to see some photos of any vehicles you may own as well :). Thanks again and speak soon! – Jamie

  5. It is Amazing idea for who love to stay with nature ……….STEVE MCQUEEN’S IDAHO RANCH

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