Leica M9 CGI Process

February 27th, 2013

When it comes to Leica I can’t hide the fact that I love their design. This project by Tonic was about fleshing out the design of the Leica M9 body using 3d graphics, photorealistic lighting and materials to make it the camera look all the more real.

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  1. Marcus says:

    Beautiful renders, what was this done on? C4D?

  2. Shelby White says:

    Marcus, I’m not sure what this was done on… might have to email Tonic and ask, I’m sure they’d share.

  3. garygraphy says:

    Could put this design into a 3D printer?


  4. Luke says:

    Great modelling and renders.

    I remember some years back, there was a redesign of the S series Leica camera by a designer:

    Anyway … also an interesting “blackout” studio presentation renders I may share as bonus to this nice article.

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