Astounding Chain Sculptures by Seo Young Deok

February 20th, 2012

Korean artist Seo Young Deok’s work is magnificent. Having played with chains growing up I know the tortures of taking them apart and putting them back together. One can only imagine the difficulties the artist endured. The pieces of chain link were welded together to form the sculpture. The final sculptures were shown at Seo Young’s exhibition Dystopia which took place at the INSA/Arko Art Centre in Seoul in 2011.

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  1. Jen says:

    These are truly beautiful. What great, talented work with such a unique representation of the human figure! I am fascinated with these forms.

  2. ro says:

    unbelievable. I look at the figures and watch them to see if they start breathing! amazing that such incredible art can be made from things we wouldoften throw away.

  3. netdost says:

    Astrounding work

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