Photos in Review Part II

August 10th, 2009

One of the most interesting, entertaining and helpful things for myself (and others) is to sit back and review work that I’ve (you’ve) done. Whether its a year old or 15 minutes fresh out of the camera–it doesn’t matter–it still deserves a second look. A few months ago I posted a review on a few images that weren’t instant favorites when I first saw them, but after a second and third time visiting them, I began to see different things that I liked about them. The review was a success, so much in fact, that I plan to use one of those images in my upcoming portfolio.

The different thoughts that friends and fellow photographers said about those first round images, had me thinking about continually revisiting old photos that at first weren’t “bangers”. I strongly suggest you try the same but for now, lets start these four photos on their review. Here are two very simple questions that I have for you and if you will, post a message down below answering in short:

Which image is your favorite and why?

Which image is your least favorite and why?

Shelby White Wanken Photo Review

Image 1

Shelby White Wanken Photo Review

Image 2

Shelby White Wanken Photo Review

Image 3

Shelby White Wanken Photo Review

Image 4
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  1. Behzod says:

    Favorite image is definitely number 3. The way that the water has washed in looks as if he is on his own little island. On top of that, the contrast is phenomenal. The touch of beach gives it a sense of location.

    Least favorite… probably number 2. The flare doesn’t really work for me and it seems only half processed.

  2. Sitti Seree says:

    Well!! I dun know much about photography, but I would say the 2nd image is my least favorite. It’s because it seems like it’s losing the main focus itself somehow. I will like it a lot more if I can see more of the sculpture. The favorite one out of these 4 is the fourth one because there is a lot of power and movement in it. Great work Shelby keep me posted!

  3. will acuna says:

    I like the black N whites. the contrast is exceptional in the ocean shot.

  4. Mark O says:

    I think image one is the best. I think it is a technique in action tha tis rare these days. Where the action photog generally wants to freeze the action I like the slowness of the shutter giving the effect of movement. So much so I think it is much better a shot than image four. I think this needs just a bit of fill light… however much I love putting back lights in shots… this feels a little too dark to me in the shadows. Two and three are interesting, but not my favs… I say one.

  5. PV says:

    wuddup shelb..

    FAV: its a toss up between 1 and 4.. i love outdoor.. but with 4 its almost like perfect timing esp with the sun.. if thats how you took it.. if you took it .. outdoor.. and motion.. its a harder grasp some people can’t do.. but i’m bias since its what i wanna do..

    WACK: 2.. its something you can do with a PNS. and its a location everyone knows.. to simple..

  6. I like the first. You know what it is, but you can not see any details. I like guessing where the photo is taken, who is riding, what kind of bike…now I need to make up my onw story.

    Two and three are less appealing. There is not much story behind, although you might make one up for two…

  7. Aaron says:

    I like #1 for it’s feeling of motion, unique view and composition on the details that matter

    #2/#4 The light sources are a bit harsh. I dig 4, but try experimenting some shots without the light in it

    Always workin’ hard over there; nice!

  8. Ryan says:

    I really like the 3rd picture…I always enjoy good black and white pictures. Great contrast and it really gives you a sense of life around the figure. My least fav would have to be the last one. I think it’s the balance of the lights and darks, specifically where the light burst is placed, creates a rather uncomfortable feeling to me. Still, all up there, and clearly say “white” took these!(shows your distinctive style) look forward to seeing more!

  9. Michael says:

    I would have to say that #1 is my favorite at this moment. I keep going back and forth to try and figure out which one just speaks to me, ha.

    I’m a fan of three of them and only dislike one of them. The one i least like is #2, because of composition and the normality (<—is that a word) of it, it doesn't say anything more than ordinary.


  10. Matt McIver says:

    Fav: #3 because of the composition, contrast and textures. great black and white.

    Least Fav: #2 don’t like the lens flare on this shot and the loss of color. i’ve seen the eagle shot like this many times. could use a different perspective and angle.

    overall great shots, love the low key lighting in the last biking picture. 4

  11. I would say #1 is the strongest image at present. With editing, I think that #3 and #4 would give it a run for it’s money. I would like to see a bit of a tighter crop on #3, and to lighten up the person just a little bit. #4 I’m curious to see what color everything is. If that was moody color, I think it might make a stronger image.

    Dig the work.

  12. I looked at all the images before I could decide how to answer the two questions. At first, I didn’t take an interest in #1, but after a little time, I’ve grown to love it.

    My favorite photo is #1, the movement captured is phenomenal. I like that you know what the subject is, but it also allows imagination to flow.

    My least favorite photo is #2, although the lens flare is awesome. I think it lacks story, and maybe a little boring with desaturated colors.

    Great work, good to see you working hard.

  13. stephen says:

    my favorite is #1. I love the emotion that the motion blur brings out.

    BTW – this is a great idea for a series of posts. really cool. I’m always a bit scared to look at my old work. :)

  14. Clarke says:

    When I see #2 I don’t see the story, there is no movement, no… depth. It’s an object, sure, it’s captured well. I’m a sucker for sunflares, cool. But it doesn’t really emote any feeling.

    One, three and four all having something happening; a story. You can imply direction and physics when you view the image. Also, beyond simple being a visual thing, they also imply sound. I’m a biker myself, and I know the feeling of the wheels riding the wooden slats of a drop, of riding the dirt berm. I’m a photographer and I find myself sitting atop trees and rocks, waiting patiently for a shot. I can identify with these three.

    Out of them, I think I like number one, simply because getting *good* motion blur is actually pretty difficult.

  15. francais says:

    Photo 3 is my favourite and 1 is my least favourite.

    Mostly because in photograph three I think it has an altogether good composition and it’s got that nice “lonely sailor out to see” bit going on. I think the action on the tide is wonderful and the mysteriousness of the man sitting on the rocks adds the ability to personalize the image with yourself. and really embody it.

    Photo 1 messes with my head – really it does. Other than the pain that’s caused by my looking at the picture I feel as though there are certain things I like to see in bicycle photos: parts, riding technique, amount of skill. I can’t see any of these things and the action only tells me that’s he’s riding. There’s no focal point for my eyes to lock onto.

  16. Chris says:

    I love image 1. Just taking a quick break, saw the google+ notification and thought I’d check out your site. Really talented work – great site too!

  17. Shelby White says:

    Thanks Chris! Enjoying your flickr.

  18. ella says:

    # 1 is my fav I love how the colours are mixed together yet you can distinguish the objects and the activity and you’ve created a painting in your photo. I think that this shot is exceptional… well done

    #2 is, in my opinion, the least fav because it lacks focuses it has many distracting objects in the background ( boats, chairs and a walking man)

    great stuff :)

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