Wthr: Weather App Inspired by Braun

June 25th, 2012

David Elgena created this beautiful Braun/Dieter Rams inspired weather iphone app called Wthr. The app is very nicely done and I’d say it’s definitely worth downloading from the App Store.

Apples 1986 Clothing Line

June 24th, 2012

Apple’s 1986 clothing line was known as “The Apple Collection”. Thankfully Apple found their logo sooner than later because readability on most of these t-shirts is very low. Although, I’m all for sporting that blue Apple tracksuit.

Villa Palais Bulles in France

June 20th, 2012

This is amazing. Palais Bulles was designed by architect Antti Lovag in the 80s for fashion designer Pierre Cardin. The home only uses curved shapes to form the structure—this place has to be a haven for ideas. The organic nature of its design greatly suggests it. This home feels like such a great merge between mid-century design and some of Verner Panton’s work. Via honestlywtf.


Csepel Royal Lookbook

June 20th, 2012

Csepel Royal really did their lookbook right by creating these colorful spreads. Being a fan of all kinds of bikes, seeing parts laid out like this and coordinated by color is really cool.

Castlecrag Residence in Sydney Australia

June 19th, 2012

The Castlecrag Residence is a beautiful home located in Sydney, Australia. The home was wonderfully designed by CplusC Architects. Here are a few words talking about the design:

The Kitchen is the pivotal room in the home, with Western Red Cedar doors disappearing seamlessly behind recycled brickwork allowing the internal living space to extend to a double-volume outdoor living space where spotted gum decking leads to the garden and swimming pool. The external use of timber for seating, decking, fencing and screening terminates in a garden pavilion and transforms the yard into an intimate, peaceful oasis within a dense suburban context for the enjoyment of the Client and their young family.

The Architect has drawn upon the functional and aesthetic qualities of timber to heighten the experience of the home. The natural warmth of timber has been utilised in all applications of the home from structure, cladding, the internal finishes and external amenities.

Found on Contemporist


4D Typeface made of Paper

June 18th, 2012

Barcelona Studio Lo Siento built a 4D typeface out of paper shapes. This special typeface allows for the viewer to read from multiple angles. Via Newgrids.

An observer searching to enjoy a particular architecture, is forced to move around and through it. The change in perspective generates new spaces in which light acts in different ways. In this case, it is the typography who makes the effort of abandoning its two dimensions to approach the architectural sense. It does not resign with a third dimension; a fourth one is necessary to complete the reading possibilities. By hanging the typography, the reader is allowed to surround the characters in order to understand all their shapes.


NASA Space Shuttle Transportation Photos

June 14th, 2012

After NASA shut down the Space Shuttle Program, the remaining shuttles and replicas were divided among several cities to be put on display. The Enterprise shuttle was sent up the Hudson River to be placed on the deck of the U.S.S Intrepid aircraft carrier and the second shuttle, The Explorer, was sent to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

View more photos of the journey on The Atlantic.

Swiss Mountain Refuges

June 10th, 2012

Simone Rosenberg photographed these wonderful stone refuges tucked high up in the Swiss Alps. The views are breathtaking. To be able to stay in one of these would be a dream come true.


Pantone Swatch Easter Eggs

June 8th, 2012

Jessica Jones created these Pantone Easter Eggs. First she boiled the eggs then typed up the labels backwards and printed them on temporary tattoo paper.

Ward Cabin by Arch11

June 5th, 2012

Arch11 Architects tucked this remote residence in the mountains of Boulder county in Colorado. The structure of the home is a hybrid: a wood frame combined with the traditional log stacks of a cabin. Perhaps one of the most interesting things about the house is its “remote” features. The owners installed a system that allows them to monitor security, lighting and the heating system remotely so it’s nice and cozy when they return home.

Yulia Brodskayas Paper Illustrations

June 5th, 2012

Yulia Brodskaya is a Russian born artist whose work ranges from fine art to origami and what you see here. Below are two excerpts from Yulia talking about her paper work:

I believe that one of the main reasons I enjoy the paper craft, is due to my love of the material: paper. Although I’ve always had a special fascination for paper, it has taken me a while to find my own way of working with it; and then it took a little longer to find out that the technique I have been using so intensively is called quilling – it involves the use of strips of paper that can be rolled, shaped, and glued to the background.

Being a three dimensional object, the artwork offers multiple views depending on the angle of perception and the intensity and direction of lighting. These things can drastically change the visual experiences and emotional message of the same artwork. The rough snaps below should not only help to see some work in progress stages, but also demonstrate the versatility that can be achieved by playing with lighting and angles:

Shared via Lustnation

Intricate Book Sculptures by Brian Dettmer

June 3rd, 2012

While most of us have been reading books, Brian Dettmer has been carving them for over ten years. His choice of blade ranges from knives to tweezers; each cut exploring a different meaning or truth to the book.

In this work I begin with an existing book and seal its edges, creating an enclosed vessel full of unearthed potential. I cut into the surface of the book and dissect through it from the front. I work with knives, tweezers and surgical tools to carve one page at a time, exposing each layer while cutting around ideas and images of interest. Nothing inside the books is relocated or implanted, only removed. Images and ideas are revealed to expose alternate histories and memories. My work is a collaboration with the existing material and its past creators and the completed pieces expose new relationships of the book’s internal elements exactly where they have been since their original conception.

Read more about his process here.


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