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Superconductivity & Magnetic Levitation

October 17th, 2011

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview ImageSuperconductivity & Magnetic Levitation is a very interesting and potentially practical discovery. Though not new, these videos from 2009 till now show just how much potential there is for future levitating devices. The most wanted is most likely the hover board.

In the first video, a flux-pinned superconducting puck levitates above a figure-8 track. The puck is accelerated using the motors from a toy race car track set (I used to play with these as a kid). The second video is similar, however Tel-Aviv University demos quantum superconductors locked in a multi-dimensional magnetic field. Cool right?

Invisibility cloak made of Carbon Nanotubes

October 5th, 2011

YouTube Preview ImageNow you see it, now you don’t. Two words, invisibility cloaks. We all could use them once in a while. Researchers have begun to use carbon nanotubes together to make objects seem to vanish. The same principle that causes mirages, also can be used to create an “invisibility cloak” similar to that of Harry Potter’s.

The way it works is when heat changes the air’s temperature and density, light will bend, allowing strange things to appear or in this case, disappear. Unfortunately the only downside here is that right now you’ll need to do all your sneaking around, underwater.