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Instagram Socialmatic Camera

May 9th, 2012

The Instagram Socialmatic camera. It’s only a concept, but it’s still pretty cool. Antonio De Rosa created this concept out of curiosity over Facebook’s massive purchase of Instagram. Check out some of the desired features below but first, let’s connect on Instagram.

Socialmatic is the first Instagram photo camera and it would even have its own OS called InstaOS. Here are some of the hoped for features:
- 16 GB mass storage
- Wifi and Bluetooth
- 4:3 touchscreen
- 2 main lenses: first for capture, second for 3D filters, webcam applications and QR Code capturing
- Optical zoom
- LED Flash
- Internal printer to make your Instagram photos real
- Paper cartridge with Instagram Paper Sheets
- Dedicated 4 colors ink tanks
- InstaOS 1.0, the operating system built by Facebook and Instagram

If you want you can print it directly on Instagram Paper Sheets, thanks to the internal printer. Also every Instagram photo printed from the camera has the persons Instagram username and a QR code pointing to their Instagram account. More images after the jump.


Ithaa Underwater Restaurant

May 8th, 2012

The Ithaa Underwater Restaurant is sunk about 16 feet below sea level at the Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa. The resort is located on Rangali Island a ways off the southern most coast of India. The design of the restaurant was completed by New Zealand design consultancy firm, MJ Murphy Ltd. To eat at the restaurant, prices start at $120 for lunch, but go up to around $220 to $250 for dinner.


Incredible Pencil Carvings by Dalton Ghetti

May 7th, 2012

Dalton Ghetti began learning how to carve at the age of 6. At the age of 24 he moved to the U.S. from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He now works as a carpenter as well as “sharpening” pencils as a hobby and as a form of meditation.

Found via Traditionally Modern


Bartek Elsner’s Cardboard Sculptures

May 4th, 2012

Bartek Elsner created these neat cardboard sculptures of objects, some much more detailed than others. Check out more of his work on the paper section of his website. Via Zeutch


Space Jam Illustrations by Andrea Manzati

May 1st, 2012

Andrea Manzati is an Italian graphic designer and illustrator. This space travel series was created for Fast Company and was displayed as full page illustrations. Andrea Manzati’s style reminds me a little bit of Ben Newman and Matthew Lyons’.

Macro Photography by Vadim Trunov

May 1st, 2012

These macro photos by Vadim Trunov are awesome. The first two photos of the ants at the waters edge are particularly great. Check out more of Vadim’s work in his portfolio.

Guanabanos House in Mexico

April 29th, 2012

Taller Héctor Barroso designed the beautiful Guanabanos House in Mexico. What strikes me about this house is the “thirds-style” composition of the front of the house and throughout some of the interior.

Found via Contemporist


Raul Lemesoffs Weapon of Mass Information

April 29th, 2012

Raul Lemesoff created this tank out of welded frame and books mounted atop a 1979 Ford Falcon. Lemesoff drives round the streets of Buenos Aires distributing free books to anyone who wants to learn. You might even call this tank a “weapon of mass information”.

Delicious Pantone Swatch Tarts

April 25th, 2012

Emilie Griottes created these very delicious looking Pantone Swatch Tarts. Each is so vibrant and perfectly handmade that at first I assumed Pantone had actually made these as advertisements. My mouth is watering.

Redesigning the Swedish National Banknote

April 24th, 2012

The Swedish National Bank had a competition for designers to redesign the Swedish banknote. The Stockholm Design Lab, was among the 46 competitors and was even among the top 8. Unfortunately they did not win, but their design was promising. I really enjoyed their banknote design because of the simplicity and type.

We’ve talked about currency design before but I’m still rather curious if there is a list somewhere out there that can detail all of the finer points that a new design for currency has to be upheld to.

View the full PDF for SDL’s design process.

Lamborghini Urus Super SUV

April 24th, 2012

Lamborghini is one of my favorite car manufacturers. Lamborghini’s most current announcement was the Lamborghini Urus super-SUV. This is a completely new direction for the modern brand as well as possibly an insight to what the other cheaper SUV manufacturers may try to do in the near future. Though it’s safe to say that none will come close to the 600 horsepower engine $200,000 price tag of the Urus. Catch a review here of this concept SUV.

Lucas Simoes Secret Cut Paper Expressions

April 22nd, 2012

Lucas Simões is an artist living and working in Sao Paulo. The majority of his works revolve around the combination of both geometric and organic shapes overlaid to create curious patterns.

In this series he invited close friends to tell him a secret as he photographed them. His sole intention was to capture each persons expression as they told the secret. At the end of the photo session he chose 10 different pictures then cut and layered between acrylic sheets.


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