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Shelby White

My name is Shelby White and I am a visual designer and entrepreneur. I currently live in Los Angeles, California where I run Designspiration.net and Wanken full-time. I also contribute to ISO50.

In the early days of Wanken, the blog was focused on photography but has since transitioned into a more Art & Design related focus. Architecture, mid-century design and swiss design are also cornerstones of the blog that I find indefinitely intriguing. Each of the posts on Wanken are an exploration of what I find inspirational. What I’d like you to get from the blog is that each and every one of us have the power to do great things. Take what you see here and let it provide inspiration to you to go and create.

Why “Wanken” and how is it pronounced?

When my brother Eyler came up with the name Wanken in the early 2000’s he didn’t intend a meaning with it. Wanken first started as my brother’s video production venture. It eventually transitioned into what you read here daily.

Wanken is pronounced wang-ken and holds no specific meaning.

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shelby white

Shelby White

Shelby White
Photo by Ian Matteson