Braun Product Collection

August 22nd, 2011

Das Programm has a great collection of Braun products for your viewing pleasure. Das Programm actually sells some of the items that are on the site with the purpose of closing the gap between the ownership of such desirable design.

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  1. thehalvo says:

    O man, such good stuff! I’m loving that orange chair, I hadn’t seen that one before.

  2. how can i purchase some of these items? is it possible?!

  3. wow – this is sheer Dieter porn!

    Such beautiful photos of such amazing products.

    Thanks a bunch for posting these – my heart jumped when I opened today’s RSS feed from you!



  4. made2hack says:

    Dieter Ram’s design simplicity is absolutely brilliant, stunning, incredible. The radio, unbelievable.

  5. Hello, do you have any vintage Dieter Rams for Braun designs for immediate sale? Please let me know. Kind regards, Daniel

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