The Perfect Pastas Pt. 1: Via Roma Designspiration

July 21st, 2009



There is no perfect design, only perfect designs.

United* was the lead design team put on this project to create a one-of-a-kind imported Italian foods brand. They used unique portrait photography, shot on location in Tuscany to ensured that the brand maintained true authenticity. There are 3 million people in Tuscany. All different & all unique–this authentic Italian brand shows their true character, expression & emotion.

United* was successful. Possibly even very successful; to date the brand has seen unmatched sales figures and is in process of identifying the second round of 150 products to complement the existing line.




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  1. JEN says:

    ahhhh i love love this!

  2. This is absolutely great marketing and very original…Thanks for the post.

  3. andy says:

    The Via Roma product packaging is stunning. Lucky are folks who live near a Great A&P family of banner supermarket, Waldbaum, Food Emporium, Super Fresh, Pathmark and A&P/A&P Fresh Market.

    I have tried different varieties, and have found each, from the take and bake pizza, pasta sauces, canoli kit, parmesan cheese, and pastas, very authentic Italian tasting at a fantastic price.

    For lovers of great Italian food, I urge you to write Great A&P in Montvale, NJ to encourage them to set up a separate web site to share thoughts and purchase these great Italian products.

    Buono. Ciao Bella.

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  6. Tina says:

    I am in love <3 Growing up in a Italian family , and now having a very busy life. These prepackaged meals are out of this world . The raviolis taste home-made. The sauce tatse fresh . I feel like im at my nonnas house. AMAZING !!! This is a must try . Also ingredients are all natural check it out <3 Great product thanks via roma

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