Refurbished Swiss Alps Shelter

August 8th, 2011

The ultimate creative getaways are found high within the Swiss Alps. This refurbished swiss shelter is located 6069 feet up in the Herens district. It was originally used as a shelter for livestock but in 2008 Personeni Raffaele Schärer Architects transformed it into a peaceful holiday residence.

The foundation was redone in sanded concrete instead of just stacked stone as before. In addition to the modern interior, solar panels were added outside to help provide electricity throughout the residence.

Found on Arch Daily / Photographs by Tonatiuh Ambrosetti

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  1. Wow, I love the Alps! A house like that with such an amazing view is awesome and an inspiring place to be.

  2. Gardos says:

    Any clue which canton…used to live in Leysin canton Vaud…good times…

  3. sean says:

    I was really excited at first with the concept, and I really like the interior, but I cant help but feel that it is not a refurbishment but a new house. That makes me wonder why you would throw on a old sheds facade (which im sure completely fell apart when moved) on top of a completely finished building.

    I do like the window through with the old facade if front of it, but can imagine it will be dirty in a week.

  4. Such balance. im attracted to the stairs. Among other things.

  5. flo. says:

    @Gardos: Val d’Hérens in Vallais

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