Kickstarter: A Project by Holtermand & Navis

July 26th, 2011

Kim Holtermand and Tim Navis have joined forces to build a great new project. They’re looking for funding through Kickstarter. As a believer in this project, I’m excited to see where the duo and crew take this project. Lend a hand in supporting and here are some words from the Holtermand and Navis:

“This October, with the help of the Kickstarter community, a small group of filmmakers, photographers and musicians are setting out on a journey to explore the remote countryside of Iceland and document our experiences with the landscape, residents and traditions we encounter. The end result, a beautifully packaged box set of the film and companion soundtrack, will be released to backers of the project as a physical artifact of the unique and awe-inspiring experience. We can’t wait to share the results with you.

The project—anchored by internationally renowned photographers Tim Navis + Kim Høltermand and aided by film collective Scenic and composer Deru—will be unique in its improvisational spirit. The group will create a series of short films at various locations throughout the island, inspired by moments of discovery and chance occurrence. Tim’s sun-drenched SoCal landscapes and Kim’s cold, architectural abstractions provide the perfect visual foundation, and fans of their work can imagine how exciting a collaboration this will be.

We’ll be sharing our trip in inventive ways with supporters, providing a real-time window into an experience that the community helped to make reality. Upon our return, Scenic will edit a series of short films, featuring an original score by Deru and a full-length soundtrack featuring contributions from select musicians and contemporary composers. Tim + Kim will create an archival photo book and release a limited run of exclusive prints for the Kickstarter community.

Your donation will help provide travel and accommodations while our small crew films and photographs the trip, and will allow us to produce truly stunning physical artifacts that showcase the beauty and wonder of Iceland. We hope you’ll join us on our journey, and we thank you for your support.”

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  1. Damion says:

    This sounds like an awesome project. I love how so many talented people that I follow or listen to their music are coming together to work on one small idea to make something big.

  2. Matt says:

    I’m really excited by this project too. I cant wait to see how the film and music sits together. Although it sounds like the production of the music is already underway, I’d kind of hoped that it would be scored after the edit to fit the mood of the landscapes. Some of the artists involved are real favourites of mine, particularly Loscil. I think his stuff will really suit the landscape regardless. I expect it will be beautifully filmed, produced and packaged.

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