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July 31st, 2011

You may have heard about the recently launched food sharing app called Nosh where you can share what you eat with your friends and see what other people are enjoying. Alex Cornell played a large role in the app at Firespotter. Nosh recently pushed live an intriguing 404 error page for the app’s website—quite possibly one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.

Here is the description found on the page:

Periodically, pages go missing, assets get misplaced — you should not be concerned. This is a startup, this kind of thing happens. At Nosh, we are fortunate to have a relationship with several teams of ex-special forces operatives who help us track down these missing pages. When a page on this website goes rogue — and a code 404 arises — we dispatch one of our teams to bring it back. Ideally they are able to salvage the missing page, but sometimes, if the page is truly lost, they have to take it out (resulting in the subsequent code 500 when the page gets taken down).

Regarding the page you are currently looking for, one of our teams actually did find it, but it did not want to be found and a firefight ensued. This encounter is documented above.

We are very sorry we are not able to display the page you were looking for. Please go back home and we’ll do our best to ensure this kind of mix up is resolved peacefully in the future.

See the page in action: 404 or view the behind the scenes.

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  1. Porto Novo says:

    I have to say, the world needs more creative young designers who are able to make something so simple yet still so aesthetically pleasing and fun to look at.

    On a side note, I think I’d have no use for the internet if it weren’t for the wanken and iso50 blogs.


  2. Shelby White says:

    Appreciate the kind words!

  3. Cristian Valverde says:

    awsome job guys

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