Photographer Vincent Fournier: Space-inspired Vision

July 25th, 2011

Vincent Fournier is a Belgium-based commercial and fine-art photographer. Each of his photographs bring a certain style that feels unreal, almost fantasy. These photographs on a Hasselblad with the intent to compare our world to a retro futuristic space odyssey.

Words from the photographer:

I started using Hasselblad equipment, an H3DII-22, in 2004. Now I shoot with an H3DII-39. Previously, I used a GW690 Fuji camera. Film may be more romantic, but I don’t miss the stress of spending hours in the darkroom developing film, only to find that it hasn’t been correctly exposed. For the work I do, the H3D is the perfect solution.

When I shoot for an advertising client, I save my images directly onto my laptop, or, if I have time, I save to a media storage card. For my personal work, such as “Space Project,” I use the Image Bank. I don’t work with assistants on my art projects, so I need a camera with a simple user interface, one that allows me the freedom to experiment and work creatively. I don’t need feature-overload, where there are too many things to play with – just the basics. I do a lot of research to prepare for a photo shoot. It can take me a year to get authorization sometimes, yet I may only have a few hours to capture the photographs I need. Because the H3DII’s interface is so easy to work with, it’s one thing I don’t have to worry about in a crunch.

To create my ideal lighting situation, I use a tripod and natural, ambient light. I like the softness of the light at sunset and dusk – sometimes just a few second after the sun rises or sets. To find these pockets of light, I explore the area in advance, focusing on angles, shapes, and time of day. In 2006, I was one of the photographers chosen by the Mars Society to participate in the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) project, a global exploration of deserts in the Canadian Arctic, the American Southwest, the Australian Outback, and Iceland.

Read more of about Vincent and his process on Hasselblad.

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