Tokyo Green Restaurant

July 20th, 2011

Surprisingly this interior space is a restaurant based in Tokyo, Japan. At first glance it looked more like a very well designed interior of a home. The architecture and interior firm Sinato designed this 1,200 sq.ft space to feel natural, intimate and that feels refreshing. Perhaps the most enjoying part is the subdued color palette created by the wood structures and the luscious green plants.

Found on The Cool Hunter

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  1. fotomate says:

    beautiful house :) colors are well composed and structure is very original

  2. sean says:

    I cant help but look at this and just feel like its just “installed” in the building, somehow I now that the walls you see at the edges are not the real walls, and it makes you wonder. I think they could have played more with the existing space, even if it is a basement, instead of just installing a new space. That said there are some nice spaces it seems, and I really, really like the idea of rooms in a restauraunt being more compartmented. I feel like I could sit at any of the taboles and have a different experience.

    There are more photos on there website that explain things I didnt understand, like what happens upstairs, and the entry from above, which on second thought makes the fake walls a little better, because it shows you the real vs. fake walls on the approach down:

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