Wieden + Kennedy Portland Oregon Office

July 17th, 2011

International advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy transformed an abandoned warehouse into their new world headquarters. The office holds several hundred employees and multiple organizations. The building was redesigned by Allied Works, a Portland architecture firm.

Allied Works renovated the building with a new concrete interior and multiple new storys. The existing timber-frame structure was also renovated and helped push the accenting of wood structures throughout the interior of the building. If you ever get a chance to tour the office, do it. There are neat specialties throughout the office. Perhaps the most unique being “The Nest”.

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  1. Vicky says:

    I think I recognize it from an episode of Portlandia. Very nice design!

  2. sean says:

    so many things I have always loved about this project, one of them being the ampitheatre space. another would be the pathways, I like the vontrost in the heavy concrete ones, to the real light ones going across the beams.

    great post.

  3. kevin says:

    Wow, great post and excellent documentation of an original “creative” work space. thank you.

  4. d. says:

    Nice one.
    The nest does NOT fly :(

  5. Mike says:

    Wow. Nice post Shelby. What an amazing project. Even though it’s through pictures you get a real sense of openess.

  6. MMonk says:

    I like the way that the warmth created by the wood counteracts the coldness of the concrete.

  7. helio says:

    Hello friends of wieden + kennedy. Here is Helio, São Paulo, Brazil. I would send them a “sketch” (essay) on advertising that thought of Coca Cola. Maybe they can take it. Where should I send? ABCs.

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  10. Sagar says:

    After seeing all the photos it’s like creating best from waste,

    time and cost saving idea by Allied Works,

    We have a great collection of floor tiles & Wall tiles for this kind of architectural ideas.

  11. ct39.aspx says:

    All the whispers suggest that he’s come to the conclusion that he needs a change of scenery.

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