Kanagawa Adventure House

July 28th, 2011

This house located in Kanagawa, Japan was designed by Shun Hirayama Architects. To start the design of the house, the architects defined what they would want from the view and location. Of course they would utilize the overlook of the city and sea, but also they positioned the house based on the nearby road. The kitchen and dining space were the closest to the road while the living room and bedrooms were positioned to look over the city.

Once the shape of the building had taken form, the architects began to create the interior spaces. The walkways and lofty staircases are really two of the things that make up the interior of this space. The wood finish of the walls on the inside really gives the house a beautiful, uplifting organic feel.

Photographs by Daici Ano

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  1. luglio7 says:

    This will be my house :)

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