iPhone 5 Concept Rumor

June 30th, 2011

Let me start off by saying this is an iPhone 5 concept as of right now and for all we know it could be the real thing coming later this summer. Personally I’m all for it. I really dig the silver back and the phone itself looks slimmer.

The designer of this concept was Michal Bonikowski. His predictions that dictated this design were that the new iPhone 5 will be safe, predictable and not all too far from the design of the current products with the aluminum look: Macbook Pro, iPad, etc.

I’d buy it, but what do you think?

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  1. I’m not sure how probable or not this is, but I LOVE the design. I think it would easily fit in line with the original iPad, which to my knowledge has no 3G connectivity issues. However it also had a different antenna structure. There are also rumors of it being a bit wider, given that Steve made a comment about how no one would ever want anything “bigger.” (He made the comment that no one reads anymore then released iBooks).

    Either way, I would totally buy this if it was the real iPhone 5.

  2. Simon C Page says:

    Sleek but I hope it doesn’t end up looking like a high end HTC. One of the reasons I moved from a HTC Desire to the iPhone 4 was that the screen on the HTC is just too damn big to hold comfortably and use in one hand and I hope Apple don’t head down this route.

    I also think I prefer the form factor of the current iPhone 4 over the Touch 4G, which I both have – not a lover of the curved back.

  3. I’d agree that it looks a lot thinner even though I’m sure it’s smoke and mirrors. Having the back convex make it look more tailored. The button layout is also more appealing. At the end of the day, Apple knows what they’re doing and it shows. I want it.

  4. Sam says:

    Love the silver color on the back, but I’m a huge fan of the flat glass back on this one and not too sure it needs to be changed. I can see the slight protrusion of the back making it feel and fit better in yor hand, but again, not sure it’s needed. Lastly, not interested in going back to the aluminum back (or whatever material that may be).

    The increased thinness and screen size are awesome though. The current design, aside from the antenna, Is pure sex and I’m not quite ready for it to disappear completely.

  5. I really like this. I think the glass back of the current iteration is a bit off from the rest of their product line anyways.

  6. Shelby White says:

    @Ryan, I do agree the glass back is slightly off from the rest of their product line. It does seem like they might be taking a step back to the curve design but I totally saw this coming. I’m not sure that I’d hate having to go back to it, just not as rounded as before.

  7. Paul Vu says:

    Going back like the curve, the silver back, but holding the same front design.. i dig it.. don’t have to worry about dropping it half as much since the OG silver backing was so strong.. plus, everyone’s putting cases on the iphones these days due to the glass work… now we can carry them RAW!

  8. Loving the curved aluminium back and button styling which I personally feel is an aesthetic improvement over the current model. It looks altogether more “finished”. Really don’t like the flat glass back of the iPhone 4 which is the main reason why I have been able to resist upgrading from my current 3GS model. I really hope this concept is the real deal as I reckon it takes the direction for the iPhone back on course.

  9. Bob says:

    Do you think Apple will go with 4G? I hear a lot of complaints from people I work with that the 3G is so slow it’s hardly worth it.

  10. Melvin says:

    Looks like an Apple EVO to me.

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