Australian Pretty Beach House

June 26th, 2011

Australia is a place I’d absolutely love to visit but haven’t had the chance to yet. If anyone has and wants to share their experience, please do: places to go, things to see, etc.

This secluded, hillside house is actually a private vacation home that you can rent. It’s located on the Bouddi Peninsula north of Sydney and actually above a beach called “Pretty Beach”. The guests of this home are treated to the cooking of an in-house chef, views as if from the treetops, swimming in a beautiful, heated infinity edge pool, and even a 38-foot yacht to cruise around the water with. What more could you want?

The interiors are modern but more so warm giving it a more homely vibe. After looking at these images I start to feel more of a modern Sub-Saharan travelers home. If you’re interested in staying here you’re looking at around $2,500 for two nights.

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  1. What a great house… I went to Australia some years ago with a friend. We bought a van and travelled from Sidney down to Melbourne, inland up to the north east(Cairns) and down along the east coast. It was a perfect trip. We spent 3 months there, and if you ever get the chance, go. Just remember to keep an extra can of gas in the back if you choose to get a car…

  2. Liz says:

    Shelby, really enjoy your blob and nice to see some of your architectural designs from the South Pacific. Can I be bold enough to suggest you have a look at some of the exciting design coming out of Australia’s neighbour New Zealand…Great country to add to your itinerary when you make it down this way.

  3. Philip says:

    Hi Shelby, If you’re thinking of coming to Australia, let me know what interested in and I can make some suggestions. Phil

  4. Michael says:

    let’s to go Australia, damn I want to see this place in person, even more I would love to live in it. WOW i am in ah.

  5. Damir says:

    I actually moved from Sweden to Sydney, Australia 5 months ago and I’m very surprised about that house being in Australia. The biggest difference between Sweden and Australia is the architecture! Australian architecture is sooo boring it’s just crazy! Everything is boring bricks, built in squares. Fast, cheap, no design no function. Nothing is built more that two stories high and the layout is often really weird. Also houses lack insulation so even if it’s 12 degrees outside (which is not that cold) it feels like 2 degrees inside!

  6. fotomate says:

    this is beautiful!

  7. ray says:

    I have been fortunate to stay here with my wife and had the most amazing experience. As you can see by the images, it is in a most beautiful coastal location just north of Sydney. Greeted by the warmth of the staff we were treated to a wonderful evening meal and amazing Italian wines out of the Stefano Manfredi kitchen. It just so happens Stefano is recognised as one of Australia’s leading chefs as a master of modern Italian cuisine – so you actually couldn’t be in better culinary hands. With just 3 pavilions to stay in – it is like the resort is your own, each equipped beautifully with everything you could want including your own plunge pool, books to browse, iPod (cool selection of music), TV/dvd – actually the TV didn’t even get turned on – why would you when you can sit on the balcony in the evening, wine in hand and just soak up the bush setting.
    Waking up in the morning greeted by filtered sunlight, the morning song of the local birds just brilliant for a city dweller. Breakfast and the coastal walks, relaxation, conversation and pastry treats throughout the day and the wonderful honest hearty evening meals make the experience truly fantastic.
    If you can take some friends and have the place to yourself (although you are hardly aware of anyone else). A lifesaving weekend away, and one to really remember. Well worth it and waiting for the next time. Actually didn’t want to leave!
    Check it out.

  8. Shelby White says:


    Your description of this place sounds truly amazing. It definitely just got scooted up on my list of places to go.

  9. Giavanna says:

    The four pavilions at Pretty Beach House are named Treetops, Bayview, Hideaway and The Retreat. Each come complete with their own private plunge pool, with the exception of Treetops (which is housed in the main building).

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