Fourth of July: Typical Vs. Not so typical

July 6th, 2009

In our lifetimes, we’ve been presented with fireworks and a joyous occasion of celebration during the Fourth of July. This has been the tradition for years. In the essence of capturing the moment and beauty of fireworks, I believe some moments are not being taken advantage of which ties us into the traditionally-typical firework photos vs the not so typical firework photos. The moments captured by many vs. the moments captured by few.

Every year around this time we see a slew of firework photographs being pushed online that look the same. We may see a few purple cows in the bunch (outstanding or remarkably interesting photos are purple cows) but the majority look very typical. As a stretch to find creativity, I changed the way I shot the fireworks this year in hopes to take not so typical photographs (last years typical photos).

Where do YOU draw the line with Typical vs Not So Typical?

I’ve opted to only post two photos. The first is a panorama of South Lake Union in Seattle looking towards Gasworks Park. The photo was taken from exactly here.

fourth of july

The second photo is quite different than I’ve seen the Fourth of July portrayed. I’m going to leave it up to you to decide which one fits the holiday the best and which set, last years or this years, wins the Not So Typical award.

fourth of july

Did you shoot this year? Feel free to link to your Firework images in the comments. For anyone wanting to know settings/meta info, look here.

UPDATE: Here is a link to some great not-so-typical firework photos from Getty/AP photographers.

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  1. Yet again, a good post.

    I like the second photo much better because of its originality. Its once in a blue moon you see a photo like this taken in honor of our country’s independence. The first image is great as well, but seems more “main stream”.

    Good work.

  2. Ryan says:

    I’m diggin the one from this year, although they are both nice. I like all of the colors in the sky and the beautiful reflections on the water! Great job.

  3. Hi,

    We do not have the tradition to use fireworks much. I like the first one as for me this is less traditional and it shows much more (good) energy. The second makes me think about a real ‘explosion’, which is less friendly and joyfull…

  4. Will says:

    Hey there,

    I like the 1st one best! I love photographing fireworks because it is such an unrivaled display of light and energy. Here are some I did this year, tight crops with some motion studies (along with some family pics- sorry)

    And some more traditional shots from last year (don’t think I’ll ever top these)-


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